May 082010


Thanks to Adam O. without him there wouldn’t be this download link.

This is Class. First Class. Very complete, Very detailed, Very attractive. Spoil yourself and your device now with this Winterboard theme. From the creator of iElegance, iElegance Pro, GT, and Elite Pro. This is 24K folks. Mind blowing detail and crystal clean graphics. This theme includes it all. -AutoCreates Appstore Icons -Full UI -Beautiful Loading Screens -Maps -Calculator -Compass -Mail -Settings -Battery -SMS -WeatherIcon -LiveClock -Categories Icons -mobileTimer -Safari -Weather -Phone -Notes -LockScreen -SBSettings -iPod -Youtube -Beautiful Loading Screens -PSD’s Included

  • After downloading the deb above rename it to arm.deb and copy it to var/mobile on your iphone
  • You can either install it using ifile or by opening mobile terminal and following these directions
  • Type in su (press return)
  • Type in alpine (press return)
  • Type in dpkg -i arm.deb (press return)
  • Respring or Reboot and enjoy

Click Here For Video Instruction on how to install

  • klklabtec1

    how do i copy it to var/mobile?

  • theiphonenerd

    You don’t really copy. Save the file to your desktop and with the ssh open and var/mobile drag the .dep and drop it in there with all the other files and that’s it. Try watching the video I put there in the end of the post. Hope it helps let me know how it goes
    Good luck

  • klklabtec1

    um i tried to install it with terminal and it says an error happend

  • umesh

    Even if it shows error still it works. Just check your winterboard.

  • dylan

    hey thanks a lot man, really helped me getting this unreal theme. one thing, not sure how to get the shelves to show up? they’re checked off on winterboard but isnt showing

  • Fan

    Hello there, I’ve got a windows and a Mac and I keep getting stuck at the SSH part. Both programs (CyberDuck and SSHscp? Im not sure of the windows program name for sure.) But anyway they wont let me connect. Im entering the usernames and password fine and I’m entering my IP address fine as well. I went on terminal and got my IP address from there on my Mac, and also the same Ip address on my Ipod from SbSettings. I have no idea whats wrong, it keeps coming up something like ‘connection error’ and it trys again in x amount of seconds. Any help?