Jul 022014

A study done by Nielsen show that consumers spending time on apps has increased, but the actual number of apps they use stay quite the same.

appusage2014According to the poll, in the United States, iPhone app users over the age of 18 increased their usage to 65% in the last two years.

The study also shows that even if consumers are spending more time on apps the number of apps used stay quite the same, around two dozen over the last two years. According to Nielsen, 23.2 was the average number of apps used in 2011, 26.5 in 2012, and 26.8 in 2013.


The 13-24 age group stays on applications longer, about 37 hours on their apps each month. While the 25-44 age group use more applications each month, about 29 apps on average. Social Networking apps still get the most usage, which isn’t surprising.

How much time do you spend on your applications?  Do use a lot of apps or stick to the ones you know?

Read more about the study over at Nielsen.




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