Jun 182014

Adobe has announced new iOS apps along with their “Ink” digital pen and “Slide” digital ruler. Adobe paired up with Adonit to create the new hardware which will be shipping with new software for iPad that includes Adobe Sketch, Adobe Line, and Photoshop Mix. adobe1

The new hardware is pressure sensitive and made to be used with Apple iPad, which will allow artists to more on a touch screen such as “straight lines, perfect circles, and balanced shapes.”You will also be able to access Creative cloud so you can have access to your photos.

The Adobe Sketch app brings a set of tools that you would expect from most iPad drawing apps.

The Adobe Line app focuses more on creating more precise drawings with the new digital rulers, T-squares, and shapes.

Photoshop Mix can be used with the desktop version Photoshop app that allows you to make masks on the touch screen and then lets you send it to the desktop version for more editing. Photoshop Mix can also open PSD files and includes “Content Aware Fill and Camera Shake Reduction.”

Creative cloud was also announced for the iPad, which allows you to manage your assets and files. This comes with Adobe Lightroom for iPhone.

The hardware, Ink  Stylus and Slide Ruler are available on the website for $199. And we should point out that the hardware is only available in the US, but Adobe is planning to have their new product available in other regions as well.

You can get the new apps for free, but are more useful when they are paired with the hardware.




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