Jun 052011

Ten One Design has unveiled Fling mini – an analog joystick for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

They had released Fling joystick for iPad earlier in the year, which received rave reviews as the Fling joystick was a clever solution for iPad users who find it difficult to use the virtual controls, especially while playing dual stick shooters and FPS games.

Apple seemed to also like the solution as they also started stocking the iPad accessory in Apple Retail Stores in the US from May.

Eli Hodapp of Touch Arcade who wrote a detailed reviewed about Fling joystick for iPad had this to say:

The Fling is a cleverly designed device with two suction cups on one side connected to a plastic ring. Inside of the plastic ring is a spiral that suspends an electrically conductive joystick in the center. This spiral works like a spring, always returning the joystick to the center, and providing more resistance the closer you get to the edge of the plastic ring. It’s made out of clear plastic with a Fling logo that comes in three different colors: black, blue, and purple. [..]

[..] The good news is, for many games, the Fling is absolutely outstanding. Playing dual stick shooters using the Fling is, in a word, glorious.

[..] As far as what doesn’t work so well: any game that relies on swiping instead of a virtual stick with both a center point and a maximum that are inside of the Fling’s range of motion.

Fling mini is just the miniaturized version of the iPad accessory.

Checkout the video below to see it in action on the iPad:

Fling mini (Product page) is currently available for pre-order for $24.95, while Fling for iPad (Product page) costs $19.95.

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