Mar 242014

NPR’s channel, which should be live today, will offer a free stream, 24 hours a day, which mixes live news with segments from pre-recorded shows like “All Things Considered” and “The Diane Rehm Show.” NPR officials say that within weeks, some of the broadcaster’s local stations should begin offering their own channels, with a similar mix of live and taped news.


You can add the new station to your iTunes Radio lineup below:

This is the first news streaming channel on the music streaming service bringing a real radio feel to iTunes Radio. The native integration with iTunes Radio and partnership with Apple is a fascinating direction for Apple’s streaming content service.

The new NPR streaming news station is available on iTunes Radio for iOS and iTunes.

As iTunes Radio diversifies its offerings from just music to include streaming news and other content, it makes sense that Apple would be considering breaking iTunes Radio out of the Music app on iOS and into its own standalone app on the home screen as our own Mark Gurman reported earlier this month.

Recent reports have suggested Apple is considering an on-demand model à la Spotify for iTunes Radio versus the current Pandora-like model in addition to the possibility of an iTunes Store on Android to push content sales on the popular competing platform.

[via 9to5mac]

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