Jul 232014

Apple and AT&T are sending out $40 checks to anyone that purchased the original iPad WiFi + 3G in the U.S. because of a “bait-and-switch” regarding the device’s data plan.

In January of 2010 Steve Jobs announced the 3G iPad along with AT&T’s $30/month unlimited iPad data plan, but soon after that the plan was removed and the lawsuits began.

The iPad officially launched on April of 2010 along with the data plan, but about a month later on June, 2010, AT&T eliminated the plan. This caused lawsuits to began due to costumers overpaying for the iPad believing that they would be able to use the device to access unlimited amounts of data.

By September 2013, Apple and AT&T settled and agreed to pay $40 to customers that where involved. 9to5Mac has now published a photo of the first check received from this lawsuit since both companies began sending out checks last week.

AppleOriginaliPadCheckPhoto by 9to5Mac

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