May 172012

A project called AppleSeed, allows select people – and we don’t know how they are chosen – to test out very early and exclusive access to new releases of software for testing. That particular group of people may have been given a little clue as to what direct Apple is taking with its next big cat. In an email to those on the Appleseed program, Apple has requested that users inform the company of their latest hardware configuration to enable “exclusive seeds” of new software, with Mountain Lion being mentioned by name.

The email goes on to suggest that hardware specific bug fixes, and indeed exclusive features, could be in Mountain Lion’s future.

The most obvious suggestion for something that could require hardware specific support is the much rumored Retina display that is expected to come to the next line of MacBook Pro notebooks.

While some have found that the Mountain Lion operating system is perfectly stable for the most part, others have had nothing but problems. It is all part of testing an operating system before its official release, of course, but the signs are certainly promising that Mountain Lion will be another step towards making OS X even better.

[via Redmond Pie]

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