May 152014

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a new patent called “Generation of a user interface based on contacts” that will prevent you from sending a message to the wrong person.


This invention is a simple and effective way to help users of apps like iMessage send a text to the correct person by simply inserting a contacts photo corresponding to the contact as a background image for a messaging session. While in a group chat, text will be overlaid on the contacts photo involved in the conversation. A generic male or female avatar will be generated according to contact info when a contact does not have an assigned photo.

The image bellow shows a group chat that highlights the image of the user who sent the most recent message, which means the photo of the last person to send a message may be shown in color while the others are shown in a grey scale.


Other methods used for group messaging could include image thumbnails arranged in a Cover Flow style, a rotating carousel or contact cards with animated transitions.


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