May 122014

BrightWire has reported that Apple may integrate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into the iPhone 6.

Apple has made a deal with China UnionPay to incorporate the banking company’s s services into the Passbook app for mobile payments and the two companies are also working together to create another mobile payment method that will be used to make purchases in Apple Stores, according to source.


BrightWire Reports:

Apple is likely to incorporate a Near Field Communication (NFC) payment function in the next generation iPhone and has reached an agreement with China UnionPay on a mobile payment service, according to a source close to the matter.

Under the deal with China UnionPay, users would be able to download the bank card organization’s app to Passbook in their iPhones and make mobile payments on over 3 million China UnionPay’s “QuickPass” POS machines in China, the source said.

But incorporating NFC into the iPhone 6 would be a surprising move by Apple because two years ago the company’s head of marketing Phil Schiller stated that “the technology was not the solution to any current problem.”

It is expected for Apple to reveal a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 later this year and a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 after that.






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