Apr 082014

According to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News report, Apple may be launching its iWatch in the third quarter of 2014. The wearable device will be manufactured by Quanta Computer while TPK and Richtek, a Taiwan-based chip design house, will supply panels and chips for the device, according to report.iwatch-lockscreen-1024x576

The iWatch processor will be designed by Apple with production outsourced to Samsung. Apple plans on producing 65 million units and had demanded suppliers start delivering products on August.

It is not clear exactly what the iWatch will feature, but there has been many rumors in the past that the device will come with sensors that will keep track of the users health such as calories burned, weight lost and track vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate and other blood-related parameters like glucose levels. The iWatch is also expected to feature a flexible AMOLED display.

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