May 072012

Rumor has it that the new MacBook Air will arrive in Q3 of this year for the very reasonable price of $799. The Air has progressed fantastically during the past three years, and its position as a game-changing device has been affirmed by the number of slim Windows notebooks – or ultrabooks, as they are known – that have surfaced as a result of its success. Before the device was first introduced, any thin and light portable computer scrimped on features, but the Air offers a smooth and powerful experience – despite boasting a form factor no thicker than 50 sheets of paper.

Apple could release the cheaper device to deal with Intel’s push in kick-starting the ultrabook sales, which have been sluggish to date. The chip maker’s projection of 20-30 million ultrabooks sales this year has no hope of being reached at present, but an Apple MacBook Air priced at $799 would help to put pressure on Windows ultrabook makers.

The next generation of ultrabooks will soon hit shelves as Intel makes a production push of its Ivy Bridge-era chips.

[via Redmond Pie]

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