Jun 102014

Developers have discovered a new hidden feature in iOS 8 beta that will allow users to find their parked car using the Maps application. The feature was not introduced during Apple’s WWDC event last week. 9to5Mac reported on September of last year that a source had told them that Apple was working on this feature:

Sources say that Apple is testing a tool for its Maps app that, with the M7 chip, could analyze when your car is parked. When you park your car, the iPhone will register the car’s location. Now when you return to the parking lot, your iPhone will be able to help you assist with finding your car since it knows the vehicle’s location.

The screen shot bellow shows six images dedicated to the parked car location feature in iOS 8.

ios8parkingfeatureThe  feature is likely to arrive in iOS 8.1 or later since Apple has been putting some work into the feature already. iOS 8 will be released later this fall.



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