May 212014

Aspyr Media announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & 3 video games are now available on the Mac. Full versions of both games that include DLC Packs are available for download through the Steam platform and can be purchased from Steam, Aspyr’s online store, and other Mac game retailers.


Ted Staloch, Aspyr Media’s Executive Vice President, said “The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games are incredibly feature-rich and nothing short of amazing in their presentation” and “It’s incredibly rewarding for us to now offer gamers access to the Modern Warfare trilogy on the Mac.”

● Cinematic, action-packed single player campaigns
● Cross-platform competitive multiplayer and cooperative online play
● Multiple DLC Packs which add new maps and other great content to the multiplayer experience
● Steam Works integration and Steam Play support
● And more!


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