Mar 192014

Sometimes it can be hard to see where we’re walking while we’re in a in depth conversation through text. Well, do not fret, because there is now a jailbreak tweak that uses the camera to show you right where you’re walking while  texting.

CamText is going to use the camera as the background on the Messages app. That way you get a live feed of what you’re about to walk onto or into without even looking up from your device. You’ll need to install Messages Customiser, which is a free tweak that enables this tweak to work.


The background will sometimes make it difficult to see what the text is saying depending on what color the background is and what color you set the text color to. If you’d like to enable the bubble outline then just go into Messages Customiser-> Other Settings -> Chat View Settings -> Bubble Outline only to enable it. Otherwise you will have a solid opaque message bubble that you can’t see through. But the solid bubble will make the text a little easier to read.


There are no options to configure for CamText, but you can enable and disable the feature if you have FlipSwitch installed. It will automatically install a CamText toggle that you can easily enable/disable whenever you please.

If you want to check out CamText in action then check the video below:

[via iphonehacks]

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