Third Rail iPhone case has detachable battery

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May 122011

For humans, coming into contact with the third rail will likely void your personal lifetime warranty, but one accessory manufacturer hopes to apply a similar concept to your iPhone — in much smaller doses, of course. For $90, the Third Rail System includes an iPhone 4 Slim Case, which always surrounds your device, and a 1250 mAh Smart Battery that you can slide into place whenever you need a boost. The removable batteries can charge other devices over micro USB, and can be stacked up to four deep for charging multiple gadgets at once (at $60 a pop). It’s also designed to be compatible with future cases, negating the need to purchase another complete solution each time you upgrade your phone. We’d love to see a similar device that includes inductive charging as well, but for now, this is one of the most intuitive external battery solutions we’ve seen.

source Third Rail Mobility

Apple is now selling Square Credit Card Reader For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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Apr 182011

Apple has started selling Square’s credit card reader for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on it’s online store and according to TechCrunch will be soon be available in Apple retail stores.

Square is a revolutionary product, which allows individuals and businesses to accept credit card payments. The credit card reader is developed by the startup with the same name, which is co-founded by Jack Dorsey (also the co-founder of Twitter).

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Universal iPhone bumper found in Apple Store (video)

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Jan 212011

We were wondering how Apple was going to handle two different button configurations for its AT&T and Verizon iPhones, and well, the solution couldn’t be simpler. One reader visiting the Apple Store stumbled upon a bumper with a slightly different packaging. Thankfully, this intrigued him enough to pick one up and do a side-by-side comparison between this new “universal case” and the old first-party solution. The only change, since volume buttons are mapped identically between the two, is a slot for the mute button that’s decidedly less mute. Definitely works with his AT&T model and should theoretically fit Verizon’s model, too. Tough luck if you’re making a move to Big Red and trying to bring an old case, but let’s be honest… you’d be paying a pretty penny for the new device anyway, so what’s a few more dollars for physical protection? Video comparison after the break. Continue reading »

iPhonECG Case Turns Your iPhone Into A Wireless ECG Machine

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Jan 032011

It’s truly amazing how mobile technology has evolved over the years. From devices that could only allow people to communicate with each other through voice it evolved to gadgets that could send text messages and soon e-mails, instant messaging, and now video calling where people can see each other and talk – real time.

Mobile devices have slowly entwined with our lives to the point that most people spend more time with their mobile phones than any other gadgets (or even people sometimes!). Continue reading »

Just got an iPad? The best tips, Apps, and accessories

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Dec 282010

So, Santa stuffed an iPad into your stocking on Christmas (insert mythical figure / appropriate receptacle / holiday of choice), and you’re wondering what to do with the thing? First of all, congratulations! The iPad can be a wonderful, loyal companion and friend, but it can also take a while to warm up to. As we always say, a device is only as good as its apps, both literally and figuratively: it’ll take some time to figure out what you want to get from the iTunes Store that will flesh out your experience, but it will also take some time to see which nooks and crannies of your life the iPad can fill, and what roles you’ll want it to take over from your laptop and phone. Follow along after the break as we show you how to wring the most out of your shiny new tablet. Continue reading »

Apple Suspends Sale Of iPhone 4 Slide-On cases

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Nov 102010

Reports are coming in that suggest that Apple may have stopped the sale of slider cases for the iPhone 4 from its retail stores. Apparently, even cases that are marked with the “Made For iPhone” tag (MFI) are currently being pulled.

This follows our report from last month where we had reported that Apple was investigating possible issue with slider cases that could be responsible for causing scratches or even cracks on the rear glass pane of iPhone 4. According to folks at Cult of Mac, Apple engineers are presently working from a secret facility to validate these claims. If proven true, it is likely that Apple would permanently ban the sale of these slider cases from their stores. It may be worth noting that slide-on cases for older iPhone models like iPhone 3GS continue to be sold at Apple Stores across the country. Continue reading »

Improved iPod Nano Watch Band

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Nov 052010

The first iPod Nano watch, designed for Apple’s new watch-sized iPod Nano, was basically just a nylon strap. Pretty unimaginative. These new funky-color silicone bands from Hex actually make Apple’s diminutive iPod look like a not-entirely-ridiculous timepiece.

The $24.95 Hex band has a pop-in design which incorporates the Nano into the watch (as opposed to just sticking it on a band, like the first one did). It has integrated control buttons and comes in 9 colors.

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iControlPad will use Bluetooth instead of Apple dock connector

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Sep 292010

It’s supposedly already headed into production, but it looks like the iControlPad is still undergoing a few last minute changes. The group behind the iPhone game controller peripheral has just announced that the device will actually use Bluetooth instead of an Apple dock connector — a change that’s apparently being done in part due to Apple’s recent litigation with Hypermac, and to avoid any actual licensing issues. As you might expect from such a small project, that’s also put the team in something of a bind, and they’re now looking for help from folks experienced with using Bluetooth in iOS. Of course, while the device is being pitched as an iPhone peripheral to start, there’s also been support for other phones promised, and it’s now been officially confirmed that those other phones will include Android phones with Bluetooth.

[via engadget]

iPhone 4 Gets its Own Dual SIM Card Adaptor Case

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Aug 302010

Ever fancied having two SIMs in your iPhone 4, which is of course either factory unlocked or hacked to run any carrier SIM you like? Well apparently, USBFever has come up with a solution which could be very useful if you like hopping around two networks. The Dual SIM Card Adaptor allows you to hook two SIM cards with the help of a clip, which goes around the iPhone 4 and is held tightly together with a transparent back cover case which it ships with.

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iControlPad heads into production, support for other phones promised

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Aug 252010

It’s been promised for years and was said to have gone into production before, but it looks like this time it’s for real — that’s the very first iControlPad fresh off the production line pictured above. No orders are being taken just yet, but that’s promised to be announced soon on Craig Rothwell’s Twitter feed (linked below), and the first run is said to be limited to 3,000 units, which are expected to sell out fast. It looks like that’s just the beginning for the peripheral, though — Rothwell is also promising to support additional phones in the future, which can be accommodated simply by swapping out the two side pieces. Need to get up to speed on the whole saga? Head on past the break for a brief history in video form. Continue reading »