Line 6 peripheral brings MIDI and iPhone closer than you ever expected

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Mar 212010


It’s no amplifier substitute, but Line 6 has come up with something potentially even better for the budding songwriter buried deep within your rhythmic veins. The MIDI Mobilizer for iPhone and iPod touch is an app-based peripheral that lets you record, playback, store, and transfer MIDI sequences and parameters using the MIDI Memo Recorder software. While it does sound convenient in theory, we’ll have to wait until we can try the dongle out for ourselves. At this point in time, price of the Mobilizer is TBD and the release date is the ever-vague Spring 2010. As for the recorder app, it’s currently available on iTunes free of charge, although it’s more or less useless without the complementary hardware. For now, you’ll just have to settle with living vicariously through the promo video, after the break.

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Sprint Features iPhone In 4G Tv Ad

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Mar 212010

Sprint has released an ad that features the iPhone with its Overdrive 3G/4G Hotspot mobile router. The Overdrive allows you to use Sprint’s 4G network with any WiFi capable device.

The ad features “Matt” and the appropriately-named iPhone-owner “Steve.”

“My friend Steve’s iPhone is cool, but it’s limited to AT&T’s 3G speeds,” Matt says. “So I’m going to use the Overdrive 4G mobile hotspot to make it up to ten times faster. And while that’s happening, I’m going to enjoy this tasty snack,” at which point Matt pulls out an apple and takes a bite. Steve connects to the Sprint 4G WiFi network on his iPhone and quickly begins streaming a music video which leads him to exclaim, “Whoa. Done.” The ad ends with Matt asking, “What can you do with 4G?” before the narrator chimes in, “Whatever you do, do it up to ten times faster than 3G with 4G from Sprint.”

Sprint was one of the first to attack the iPhone but now, like most wireless providers, wants to be an official iPhone carrier. Last September Charlie Rose asked Sprint CEO Dan Hesse how the Pre was stacking up against the iPhone, to which he replied, “It’s… it’s doing well, but you can almost put the iPhone, to be fair, in a separate category. The Apple brand and that device have done so well, it’s almost not… it’s like comparing someone to Michael Jordan.”

Well, if you can’t beat the star, why not make some sweet accessories to go along with those Air Jordans?


YXFlash 2.1.0 Keygen

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Mar 202010


Download Here:

yxflash is video player for mobile devices supporting iPhone and iPod Touch. It supports High quality Xvid/Divx, Flash Video, and WMV playback on iPhone. No longer be held hostage to only Apple’s ipod video format. No more need to convert your videos!

New in 2.1.0:
– Much faster playback for media files
– supports 720p Divx.

Credits- Thanks to tasz for the new and updated keygen

  • Download the original app and use the keygen to make your serial and register.

i-Got-Control IRB1 dongle gives your iPhone / iPod touch universal remote functionality

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Mar 192010


No need to spot clean your spectacles, and no need to brush the cobwebs out of your dome — you really are seeing yet another IR dongle for Apple’s dear iLineup. Hot on the heels of New Potato’s FLPR, ThinkFlood’s RedEye mini and Power A’s solution comes this: an all-too-similar way to convert your iPod touch, iPhone or forthcoming iPad into a universal remote. Functionality wise, there’s really nothing here that the other guys don’t provide, though the beefed-up database of over 40,000 IR codes should make setting up your system a breeze. Users simply plug this into their dock connector, download the free application from the App Store and then dial up whatever components they have; once loaded, the IR beamer should do the rest, nixing the need to keep those 40 remotes around. It’s expected to start shipping any day now for $69.95.
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Apple Bans Screen Protectors From Its Stores

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Mar 172010


Among the most popular accessories for the iPhone, iPod, and MacBook lines are films and coverings designed to protect the screen from scratches; some products also fight glare and offer privacy protection. However, several vendors—who wish to remain anonymous to avoid conflict with Apple—have told Macworld that Apple will no longer sell such products, or any other products that adhere to Apple devices, in either the online Apple Store or Apple retail stores.

While Apple hasn’t explained the decision to vendors, there are a couple of likely explanations behind it. Multiple sources have told us that, because of the difficulty of applying such films and coverings without blemishes or air bubbles, these products are returned at a higher rate than many other products.

But it’s also possible that Apple doesn’t want to give the impression that screen protection is necessary, especially with the iPad on the way—it’s unlikely a coincidence that such a policy was put into effect just weeks before the iPad hits the street. (We have found the screens on the latest iPhone and iPod touch models to be significantly more resistant to scratches than the screens on earlier models, and screen films also negate the oleophobic properties of the newer screens.)

Interestingly, this policy also includes popular anti-glare films for Apple’s recent laptops, protection and cushions for laptop palm areas, and any iPhone or iPod cases that include screen protection. The move has left some case vendors scrambling to quickly repackage their products sans screen protection, so as not to lose their privileged place in Apple’s stores.

Apple had not responded to our request for comment at the time of publication. Calls to several Apple retail stores indicated that the stores currently still have such products in stock.

[via macworld]

iPad Battery Replacement Service Replaces iPad Instead Of Battery

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Mar 142010


Apple has unveiled its policies relating to their iPad Battery Replacement Service.

Customers who purchase an iPad and realize that their iPad’s battery is dead can make use of this service.

However, unlike what the name suggests, Apple will replace the iPad with a completely new device and does not simply replace the battery.

This means that users may lose all their saved settings and contacts while requesting for a battery replacement. Apple explains:

“You will receive a replacement iPad that will not contain any of your personal data. Before you submit your iPad for service, it is important to sync your iPad with iTunes to back up your contacts, calendars, email account settings, bookmarks, apps, etc. Apple is not responsible for the loss of information when servicing your iPad.”
The iPad Battery Replacement Service comes at a cost of $99 with an additional $6.95 for shipping. The service does not cover devices that have their batteries damaged due to accident, liquid contact, disassembly, unauthorized service or unauthorized modifications.

Customers wishing to avail the service can contact the Apple technical support, local Apple retail store or authorized service providers. The entire replacement process is expected to take close to one week’s time.

We will have to wait for someone tear down the iPad when it’s available to find out why Apple has opted to go with this approach rather simply swapping a new battery in customer’s existing iPad. I also think Apple will send a refurbished iPad rather than a new iPad.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.

[Appe Website via MacRumors]

Novothink rolls out Solar Surge iPhone / iPod touch charging case

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Mar 112010


It’s not November ’09 as originally promised, but Novothink has now announced that its Solar Surge charging cases for the iPhone and iPod touch are finally available. Those will run $79.95 for the iPhone 3G/3GS version and $69.95 for the iPod touch version (second gen only, it seems), which are each available only in black or white at the moment (additional colors are “coming soon), and should add between four and eight hours of talk time, or up to 20 hours of additional audio playback. That’s, of course, when the charger is fully charged, but Novothink says you can still expect to get between 30 and 60 minutes of talk time after just 30 minutes of exposure to direct sunlight.

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Mar 112010

The iDongle has been in the making since early January, an electronic engineer graduate named Renaud got frustrated when his iphone 3GS went dead while he was out and his iPhone got stuck on the apple restore screen. Renaud being frustrated with his tethered jailbreak and always having to worry about his iPhone going dead, thought of the iDongle. Continue reading »

Use Your iPhone As An Electronic “iKey”

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Mar 102010


The Daily Telegraph reports that a new Apple patent has surfaced which could potentially allow the iPhone, or another Apple portable, to act as a sort of electronic key. The potential applications are as limitless as the number of things locked by old-school metal keys. It could be used for cars, offices, homes, or lockers. Basically, anything that could have an electronic receiver mounted to it in place of a metal tumbler-style lock could then use an iPhone as a key.

While Ars Technica notes that “the patent application itself merely describes a unique way of using motion detection to generate an input, such as turning a virtual combination lock-style dial,” the patent itself, as reported by the Telegraph, says that the device could be “any suitable electronic device such as a portable media player, personal data assistant or electronic lock” that could open up any number of physical lock types just by communicating wirelessly.

Electronic key fobs already exist for certain models of cars, most notably the Toyota Prius, which not only allow keyless entry but also allow you to start the car without a traditional metal key. If Apple actually implements this patent and allows iPhones and iPods to act as an “iKey,” carrying a ring of metal keys and fobs around in your pocket could eventually seem as passé as a pocketwatch or pager seems today.

While the patent notes that the device would have to be paired with the locks in order to work, and that all communications would be encrypted, people are naturally going to be skeptical about the security of an iKey compared to a traditional metal key. I can see some other potential pitfalls: losing your iPhone, or having it stolen suddenly, means not having access to your car, your house, or anything else accessed with your iKey. Plus, if you’re dumb enough to store your access code on your iPhone in a place where a thief can find it easily, it also means that, immediately after finding your home address in Contacts, the thief could gain entry to your house with next to no effort. Or how about this: you come home after a night of carousing at the bar, power up your iPhone to gain access to your front door, but then find a blank screen staring back at you from your iPhone because your battery died.

While the idea sounds great on paper and certainly stokes my science-fiction geek fires, the practical application of the iKey sounds like a giant headache.


VeriFone Credit Card Reader To Be In Apple Stores

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Mar 082010


The Square credit card reader for the iPhone has gotten most of the buzz around here, especially after we saw that impressive demo at Macworld a few weeks ago. But VeriFone’s competing reader has been given the green light by Apple itself: the unit has been granted a deal for shelf space. VeriFone will be selling its PAYware Mobile units inside Apple’s retail stores coming up as soon as the end of March.

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