SlingPlayer Mobile For iPhone Now Works Over 3G

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Feb 152010


You can now stream live TV on your iPhone using AT&T’s 3G network. Apple has finally approved the new version of the SlingPlayer Mobile app that is enabled with 3G streaming. This comes two weeks after AT&T issued a statement stating that the company was satisfied with the 3G optimized version of Sling Media’s application and hence had no problem in letting them use their network.

Back then, AT&T had written:
“Since mid-December 2009, AT&T has been testing the app and has recently notified Sling Media — as well as Apple — that the optimized app can run on its 3G network”
This has been a long fought battle for Sling Media. You might recall that Apple refused to let the earlier version of the SlingPlayer Mobile app operate over AT&T’s 3G network after the carrier claimed that the app would “create congestion and potentially prevent other customers from using the network”. This was contested by Sling Media in a complaint filed with the FCC where the company accused AT&T of discriminatory practices. Sling Media argued that AT&T’s position was inconsistent since other streaming apps like MLB’s were approved. AT&T’s decision to relent is thus seen as a result of Sling Media’s complaint.

The new SlingPlayer Mobile (version 1.2 )for iPhone and iPod touch is available on the App Store for $29.99. Existing customers can upgrade to the new 3G version for free. Mel Martin from TUAW writes that the iPhone app works well on 3G with “acceptable” picture quality and “good sync” between audio and video though there appears to be a marginal delay during channel changes.

[via TUAW]

Square – Mobile Credit Card Processing

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Feb 142010


Square UP was showing their new credit card processing solution for the iPhone. They are planning on offering a no-hassle way for individuals to start accepting credit card payments. Simply buy their $1 app from the App Store, sign up for service, and they will send you a small hardware dongle that will swipe credit cards (shown right). No individual merchant account is required as Square UP handles all the processing and payments and takes a 2.9% cut of all sales

The Square service is currently in beta testing and should arrive later this year.
[via macrumors]

Final Fantasy for iPhone

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Feb 122010

Square-Enix has posted a video trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy game for iPhone and iPod touch.

Little information has been shared about the release other then its coming soon.


Is Hulu Working on a Non-Flash Player for iPad?

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Feb 102010

TechCrunch reports that an “industry insider” has revealed that Hulu, the second largest video service in the US is working on a non-flash player to bring its content to iPad and hopefully the iPhone.

Hulu currently requires Flash player, which is not supported on the iPhone or iPad.

TechCrunch reports:

One rumor I’ve heard from an industry insider is that Hulu is working on an iPad-friendly version of its site that should be ready by the time the iPad hits the market. Hulu itself is still vague about its plans. When asked directly by Om Malik whether Hulu has any plans for the iPad, CEO Jason Kilar recently hemmed and hawed about how he is a big believer in mobile, but wouldn’t confirm or deny anything.

YouTube had recently released a new video player (currently in beta) that supports HTML5 and doesn’t require the Flash plug-in. However, the HTML5 version does not support ads (they can only play on the flash player), which is a major source of revenue for Hulu. So it will be interesting to see if Hulu chooses to adopt HTML5 or develop a native iPhone app.

TechCrunch notes that “putting Hulu on the iPad boils down to a business decision, not a technical one” as Hulu’s videos are already encoded in the H.264 format that is used on the iPhone and iPad.

YouTube iPhone app has been available ever since the iPhone was launched so it’s high time Hulu’s website works on the iPhone and soon-to-be-available iPad. What do you think?

[via TechCrunch]

iBlueNova (iBluetooth 2) Will Allow iPhone Users to Transfer Files Via Bluetooth

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Feb 092010

iBlueNova or iBluetooth 2 will be available on Cydia Store for the jailbroken iPhone very soon.

The iPhone OS 2.0 version was called iBluetooth and it was the first iPhone application that allowed users to transfer files from their iPhone to other Bluetooth devices. But due to trademark issues, the iPhone OS 3.x.x version has been renamed as iBlueNova.

The iPhone 3G comes with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (short for Enhanced Data Rate) wireless technology built-in, while iPhone 3GS comes with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR built-in. But they only supports the Bluetooth Headset Profile, A2DP and Bluetooth Hands-free Profile 1.5.

So the most commonly requested application in the Bluetooth stack by iPhone users is the ability to transfer files to other bluetooth devices.

iBlueNova developed by MeDevil will enable jailbroken iPhone users to transfer files via Bluetooth to other Bluetooth devices.

Folks at iClarified are reporting that the jailbreak app is ready for distribution but might take a few days before Saurik can include it in the Cydia Store.

Here are some of the changes and improvements that you can expect in iBlueNova:

  • Resolve the timeout sending a file with authentication enabled
  • Fixes an issue with the approval of the BT on 3G
  • Completing the integration of licenses
  • Fixed bug with opening files from iFile
  • Removed backgrounding native

You can check out the demo video of the iPhone app in action below:

[via iClarified]

MyWi No Rock 3.4.2 Cracked

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Feb 072010


Click Here To Download



Now supports tethering on 3.1+ and all iPhones (including 2G/3G/3GS)! Create a WiFi HotSpot with a press of a finger! Wherever you are – you can connect your laptop or other mobile device to your iPhone easily! You can also use MyWi to enable default USB/Bluetooth Tethering on 3.1! This is the no rock extensions version of mywi so that means no installing rock which causes crashes if installed along with cydia and what not.

Credits: Thanks to Scitzofrenic at xsellize for the post and thanks to the ngen pda team for the crack!

Notes: Make sure and uninstall any previous versions of mywi or this will cause glitches.

  • After downloading rename the deb to mywi.deb
  • Copy it to var/mobile on your iphone and install using ifile or do the following
  • Open Mobile terminal
  • Type in su (press return)
  • Type in alpine (press return)
  • Type in dpkg -i mywi.deb (press return)
  • Reboot or Respring and enjoy