Jul 212014

Apple has just released iOS 8 beta 4 to developers just two weeks after iOS 8 beta 3 was released. The new update includes new features and improvements such as interactive notifications, widgets, support for third-party keyboards and lots more. Continue reading »

Jul 162014

If you would like to have access to NFL’s Sunday Ticket without subscribing to DirecTV that will soon be a reality. According to a DirecTV promotional page, users will be able to stream the games using a computer or mobile device. Continue reading »

Jun 302014

Earlier today Apple updated their mobile platform to version iOS 7.1.2 which Improves iBeacon connectivity and stability, Fixes a bug with data transfer for some 3rd party accessories, including bar code scanners, and Corrects an issue with data protection class of Mail attachments. But it seems that some users are having a stall issue when trying to update. Continue reading »

Jun 102014

Developers have discovered a new hidden feature in iOS 8 beta that will allow users to find their parked car using the Maps application. The feature was not introduced during Apple’s WWDC event last week. Continue reading »

May 222014

MacRumors has reported that they are getting hits from iOS 7.1.2 devices on their web servers since last Friday, which suggests that Apple employees are currently testing iOS 7.1.2. This will likely be a minor update with bug fixes and not any new features or improvements. Continue reading »

Apr 182014

Stefan Esser, a security researcher, has reported a serious malware called “Unfold Baby Panda” on jailbroken iOS devices that is sending Apple ID and password to to servers based in China. Continue reading »

Apr 102014

Heartbleed bug is a critical security bug that was discovered in OpenSSL. Open SSL is a popular open source encryption software used by a number of websites and it is considered the biggest security threat the internet has seen. Continue reading to see what steps you can take to protect yourself against this bug. Continue reading »

Apr 032014

Vine has updated to version 2.0 and has included many new features and now lets you send private videos to friends.  This new feature is called “Vine message” or VMs and lets you send a vine message to several people to start separate conversations, which means there is no group messages yet. Continue reading »

Apr 012014

A Comedy Central app has been released and it features full episodes for free. The app will add new episodes of some shows the day after they air and will not require a cable subscription. Continue reading »

Mar 282014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier wont be in theaters till April 4th, but the game which has been created by resident developer Gameloft has just hit the app store! Continue reading »