Navigon Demonstrates GPS Navigation Multitasking in iOS 4

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Jun 182010

GPS navigation firm Navigon, which offers a wide range of turn-by-turn navigation applications for the iPhone, has posted a new video showing how its applications can take advantage of the multitasking capabilities of Apple’s forthcoming iOS 4.

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Unlock iPhone 3GS iOS 4.0 with UltraSn0w

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Jun 162010

UltraSn0w Unlock has been released to unlock iPhone 3GS iOS 4.0 with 04.26.08 baseband and old BootRom. Indeed a great news for loyal dev-team followers who used PwnageTool to update firmware but preserved their baseband at 04.26.08.

So, all those with iPhone 3GS baseband 04.26.08 running iOS 4.0 (formerlyiPhone OS 4.0) installed via PwnageTool, can unlock 3GS with UltraSn0w.

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iMovie For iPhone [Preview]

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Jun 142010

Apple had showcased the new iMovie app for iPhone during WWDC 2010 Keynote address. The application that will allow users to record and edit HD videos on iPhone 4, will be available on the App Store at a price of $4.99.

While the demo of the iPhone app was pretty impressive, the information available about Apple’s Movie App for iPhone is still quite sketchy resulting in several unanswered questions.

Folks at TidBITS claim that they’ve managed to uncover some of the details about the iPhone app from their source. They’ve revealed few interesting about Apple’s new iPhone application, which Apple engineers have worked on for more than 18 months.

The iMovie app will require iPhone 4 and shall not work on iPhone 3GS. This is because the application will require the new iPhone’s A4 processor to process the real-time transitions. Continue reading »

Jun 142010

Steve, the guy who was behind PushFix 2.0 (the first real fix for Push Notifications) for unlocked iPhones and Blacksn0w RC2 fix for iPhone 3.1.3 has just released Blacksn0w RC2 for iOS 4. This version of blacksn0w is basically a repackaged version of the original unlock released by geohot, and the binaries which were recently released by MSFT Guyfor 05.11.07 baseband on iPhone 3GS, running iOS 4.0 GM (formerly iPhone OS 4).

Blacksn0w RC2 for iOS 4.0

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iOS 4 Might Allow iPhone Users To Upload Videos Directly To Facebook

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Jun 132010

There’re number of iPhone apps that allow users to upload videos from their iPhone’s camera roll to share them with their family and friends on Facebook.

Folks at 9to5Mac have discovered code references in iOS 4 Golden Master, which indicates that it might soon be possible to upload videos directly to Facebook from iPhone’s Camera app.

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Jun 082010

Want to get your hands on an iOS 4-equipped device now without being a registered Apple developer? As a number of readers have pointed out, it seems yesterday’s gold build release works on any applicable iPhone / iPod touch whether or not its UDID has been sent to the dev center. Now that the previous restraint has been lifted, the only requirement now is a copy of iTunes 9.2 — currently for Macs only and still blocked by the developer gate, but once you manage to obtain the appropriate files, the only thing in your path is time itself. Sure enough, we just got through installing the build on an unregistered iPhone without a hitch. Details available via Gumball Tech, and please, don’t forget to back up your data ahead of time. Continue reading »

Jun 082010

Apple had renamed iPhone OS 4.0 to iOS 4.0 at yesterday’s WWDC 2010 Keynote address and seeded iOS 4.0 Golden Master to developers of its iPhone Developer program.

It is less than 24 hours since it was released and not surprisingly MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team has announced that it is possible to jailbreak iOS 4 using jailbreak tool – Redsn0w.

The Golden Master version means that it is the shipping version of the software that developers must use to develop and submit iPhone apps that are compatible with iOS 4.0. Continue reading »