T-Mobile USA eyeing iPhone launch this year or next?

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Mar 192010


We don’t like to stir up the nearly constant barrage of “so-and-so is getting the iPhone” rumors unless we’ve got a great reason to do so — and we’d argue that a Financial Times report involving statements from Deutsche Telekom’s CEO qualifies. The British rag was chatting up DT’s boss over the prospects of its American unit — T-Mobile USA — and stressed the company’s long-term commitment to turning around T-Mobile’s fortunes in the face of recent spinoff rumors, saying that it’s all about rapidly building out a speedy 3G network as part of an effort this year “to lay the foundation for future growth.”

Here’s where it gets juicy: referring to the iPhone, the report goes on to say that “T-Mobile USA is hoping to start selling the popular smartphone later this year or next year” while focusing on Android in the meantime, as if Android is merely a stopgap measure to make it through to the singular device that can save America’s number four carrier from going down the tubes. It’s not clear whether FT got the chief exec making a statement to that effect on the record or it’s merely gleaning this knowledge from other rumors, but the only way this would be able to happen is if the next iPhone were to come in an AWS-compatible version — and that seems unlikely considering that AWS coverage represents a trivially small fraction of 3G subscribers around the world. Of course, wireless CEOs of all walks of life regularly make statements saying they’d be more than happy to carry the iPhone if the opportunity presented itself, so this could be little more than off-the-cuff blather anyway.
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List of iPad Launch Games

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Mar 192010


Pocket Gamer has compiled a list of iPad game titles that will be available at or near the iPad launch date of April 3rd. Continue reading »

GreenPois0n To Jailbreak iPad And iPhone OS 3.2?

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Mar 192010


The iPad is still a good two weeks away from launch, but the jailbreak community is already gearing up towards discovering the vulnerabilities in order to jailbreak the tablet device.

The Chronic Dev Team has revealed that it is working on enhancing Greenpois0n; the team’s jailbreak software to work on the iPad.

The team has announced that work on discovering the vulnerabilities in iPhone OS 3.2 will commence as soon as the team gets hold of an iPad in a few weeks time. Chronic Dev Team has also been asking its users for donations to help them purchase an iPad for experimentation purposes. Joshua Hill, also known as p0sixninja writes to his followers on Twitter: Continue reading »

iPad Battery Replacement Service Replaces iPad Instead Of Battery

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Mar 142010


Apple has unveiled its policies relating to their iPad Battery Replacement Service.

Customers who purchase an iPad and realize that their iPad’s battery is dead can make use of this service.

However, unlike what the name suggests, Apple will replace the iPad with a completely new device and does not simply replace the battery.

This means that users may lose all their saved settings and contacts while requesting for a battery replacement. Apple explains:

“You will receive a replacement iPad that will not contain any of your personal data. Before you submit your iPad for service, it is important to sync your iPad with iTunes to back up your contacts, calendars, email account settings, bookmarks, apps, etc. Apple is not responsible for the loss of information when servicing your iPad.”
The iPad Battery Replacement Service comes at a cost of $99 with an additional $6.95 for shipping. The service does not cover devices that have their batteries damaged due to accident, liquid contact, disassembly, unauthorized service or unauthorized modifications.

Customers wishing to avail the service can contact the Apple technical support, local Apple retail store or authorized service providers. The entire replacement process is expected to take close to one week’s time.

We will have to wait for someone tear down the iPad when it’s available to find out why Apple has opted to go with this approach rather simply swapping a new battery in customer’s existing iPad. I also think Apple will send a refurbished iPad rather than a new iPad.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.

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Apple Sales 50,000 Ipads In 2 hours

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Mar 122010

The introduction of the iPad Friday morning sold an estimated 50,000 units in two hours, and also bumped Apple’s “hobby,” the Apple TV, from the front page of its online store. Also, a mysterious icon included in iPad promotional pictures gains attention, and Apple has expanded its site to explain features of the coming hardware in greater detail.

iPad sales estimated at 25,000 per hour


After it went on sale at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Friday, the iPad is estimated to have sold 51,000 in its first two hours. As discovered by Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune Brainstorm Tech, users at the Investor Village AAPL Sanity Board took their order numbers and attempted to crack the code to figure out total sales.

Victor Castroll, analyst with Valcent Financial Group and member of the AAPL Sanity Board, has been monitoring the spreadsheet and came up with the calculation of 51,000 units in the first two hours.

[Via appleinsider.com]

Mar 122010


Apple’s pushing out a few more scraps of info about the iPad in conjunction with the launch of pre-orders. One of the quirkier details is that what was previously known as the mute switch on the iPad — similar to the one on the iPhone — is now known as the “screen rotation lock” on Apple’s website. We suppose it makes more sense for this sort of device, both due to the “hold it any way you feel like” marketing push, and since it’s less likely to start ringing in the middle of a Remember Me screening than your iPhone is. In other news, it’s been confirmed that iBooks will be able to sync free (non-DRM’d) ePub titles in from iTunes, which is good news for people who want to use an existing ePub stash of theirs with Apple’s fancy page-flipping interface. Also on the books front, it was clarified today that the iPad can indeed use VoiceOver screen-reading for reading pages of books out loud — we knew the screen reading tech was on the iPad, but now it sounds as if it will be more directly integrated into iBooks. Apple also clarified today that folks who sign up for the 250MB iPad data plan will receive pop-up alerts when they’re running short on data, similar to battery warnings, at the 20 percent, 10 percent and zero marks. There’s an account management pane that lets you sign up for or cancel service, add another 250MB, or swap to an unlimited plan. But wait, there’s more! Apple’s also confirming a few more iPhone OS 3.2 features, like the addition of Google’s “Terrain” view in maps and a slightly revamped iPod app UI. 3.2 also brings some nice video tweaks like support for additional formats (AVI and MJPEG) and native uploads to Facebook — further boosting the iPad’s external camera friendliness.

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iPad orders start at 8:30AM tomorrow morning

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Mar 112010


We knew iPad pre-orders were starting tomorrow, but know we know exactly when all you lovable crazies have to stumble out of bed and transmit your credit card numbers to Steve’s brain: 8:30AM ET, or 5:30AM on the West Coast. We generally recommend a bed shaker alarm clock, but hey, let’s not pretend we haven’t all turned a few long nights into tomorrow with our old friends Jackie D and Mistakes. See you on the other side, chochachos.

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iPhone OS 3.2 SDK Reveals New Gestures; References To Video Calls Removed

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Mar 112010


iPhone OS 3.2 SDK Beta 4 for iPad that was released by Apple yesterday has revealed some more interesting details.

9to5Mac reports that Apple has added support for couple of new gestures to the iPhone SDK and has started removing references that had previously hinted at the ability to make video calls on the iPad.

Folks at 9to5Mac report that Apple has added support for “3Tap” and “LongPress” gestures to the iPhone OS 3.2 Beta 4 SDK beta 4.

Apple already makes use of these gestures in the iPhone such as the triple tap gesture to turn the iPhone’s display on and off when using VoiceOver and the long press gesture to activate the copy/paste feature.

But the addition of these gestures to the SDK indicates that developers will also be able to use them in their iPhone apps in the future.


9to5Mac are also reporting that Apple has removed several video call icons that previously hinted at the ability to make video calls on the iPad. These icons had led to speculations that Apple could release iPad with a front facing camera to make video calls when it goes on sale on April 3 or in the next generation iPad.

We had reported yesterday that Apple has also removed the camera tab from the Photo app in iPad simulator.

So looks like Apple is in the process of removing these references to avoid any further speculations.

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Will iPhone OS 4.0 Unify The iPhone And iPad Platforms?

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Mar 102010

Though the iPhone and iPad run on a common operating system, the version of OS installed on iPad will not be compatible with an iPhone. The reasons are evident: With a different screen size and variant features that the iPad will come with, the OS on iPhone will require a significant overhaul to match the capabilities presently available on the iPad.

While there is no doubt that future versions of the iPhone OS will be compatible on both the iPhone and iPad, the question is if this will happen with the upcoming launch of iPhone 4G later this summer. According to John Gruber from Daring Fireball, this is most likely. In his blog post yesterday, Gruber says apps like Stocks and Weather, which have been removed from the iPad could be relaunched with iPhone OS 4.0 when both the devices will see a unified operating system.

But is such a platform unification workable in the timelines specified? Jim Dalrymple from the Loop disagrees. He says that with the launch of iPhone OS 4.0 expected to happen around June of this year, Apple may not have time on their hands to offer a unified platform in this version. He writes:

"iPhone OS 4.0 will include lots of new features, just like you would expect to see from Apple. However, It doesn’t make sense for Apple to unify the two operating systems for 4.0 with the timeline they are working with. Rather, I expect Apple to release OS 4.1 in September or October. It will not only address issues with the 4.0 release, but also unify the operating systems."

Dalrymple’s arguments about timelines are interesting. However, considering that the iPad has been in the works for quite sometime, it is possible that Apple’s work on iPhone OS 4.0 may have happened concurrently with work on iPhone OS 3.2 that runs on the iPad, which could mean that a unified iPhone OS 4.0 platform for iPhone and iPad is still a possibility.

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Hey Steve, can the iPad tether with the iPhone?

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Mar 062010
Ämne: Re: Dear mr. Jobs
Från: Steve Jobs <sjobs@apple.com>
Datum: 5 mars 2010 17.01.29 CET
Till: Jezper Söderlund <>
Return-Path: <sjobs@apple.com>


Sent from my iPhone.

Well, that settles that.

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