iPad For Verizon Is Happening, Verizon Source Says

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Feb 032010


Apple is working with Verizon on a version of its iPad tablet, despiteApple only announcing an AT&T partnership, according to Fox News Channel’s Clayton Morris, who just spoke with a Verizon source.

Morris is working on a piece about the topic and we’ll link to it as soon as it’s published. He says his Verizon source still thinks a deal will get done in the near future.

We don’t know who Clayton’s source is, but we think a Verizon iPad deal is likely, so his information is probably accurate.

Morris first reported in late January that Apple was talking to both companies about supporting the iPad, citing unnamed sources at both companies. Carrier deals had “not been finalized” six days before the event, he had reported.

Wall Street analysts who initially reported a Verizon-Apple deal — which hasn’t been announced yet — made similar predictions today. They didn’t know if Apple’s hitch with Verizon was technical or business-related, but at least two analysts were confident that Apple would announce a Verizon deal sometime this year.

The announcement could come at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference conference in June, or maybe earlier. Apple usually unveils new iPhones at WWDC, so this could be an opportunity to announce an entire line of mobile devices — iPhones and iPads — with Verizon support.

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