Jun 012010

The parts of Apple’s next generation iPhone continue to surface.

Taiwanese site Apple.pro has just published new photos and information claiming to be battery and dock connector of iPhone 4G that Steve Jobs is expected to unveil at the WWDC 2010 next week.

Apple.pro has published the photo of next generation iPhone’s dock connector, which according to MacRumors “differ somewhat in appearance from the design used in the iPhone 3G and 3GS”.

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May 292010

A prominent industry analyst is taking a swing at what the new iPhone will cost when Apple formally introduces the 4th generation version of the popular handset at the company’s 2010 WWDC in early June. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is predicting that Apple will roll out a 32GB model of the 4th gen iPhone at $199 and a 64GB model for $299.

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AT&T Confirms iPhone 4G Coming This June

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May 262010

Boy Genius Report has just reported that AT&T has confirmed to its employees that the next generation iPhone will launch in June.

We had reported back in April that AT&T had put a block on all employee vacations for the month of June, which had indicated that Apple will launch iPhone 4G in June.

BGR briefly reports:

Title says it all, but you didn’t really need a confirmation, did you? The phone will be available for purchase in June, not July, and from what we’ve heard, it won’t even be late June.

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Confirmed: Apple’s next iPhone will have video chat

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May 252010

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Steve Jobs: You Won’t Be Disappointed On The WWDC 2010

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May 242010

Google made some big announcements at Google I/O Conference last week. One of them was the launch of Android OS 2.2, dubbed Froyo. So what is Steve Jobs’ take on the latest announcement?

A couple of emails exchanged between Apple enthusiasts and Steve Jobs over the weekend shows that Apple may counter Google’s threat with few big announcements at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2010, which starts on June 7.

In one email, a London based iPhone user asked Steve Jobs about his opinion on the Google I/O announcements and if Apple had similar announcements lined up for the as well. In his response, Steve Jobs is noted to have replied, “You won’t be disappointed”.

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Next-Gen iPhone Will Come In Different Colors

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May 232010

Clearly a white front plate was not enough to satisfy curiosity. Though we aren’t able to verify this ourselves, Chinese site Apple.pro has a couple shots of what it claims to be the white next-gen iPhone, almost fully assembled (the front plate looks like it hasn’t been snapped in all the way) and casually lounging next to the black model we’ve gazed upon so many times at this point. Is this enough for us to trust and comfortably change our palette preferences? Nah, but surely 15 days until expected confirmation can’t be too excruciating of a wait.

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May 222010
Need a bit more evidence that the next iPhone will do video conferencing? Then take a good, hard look at the exciting screenshot above, which supposedly comes from a field test firmware for the next-gen iPhone that Apple is apparently working on.

Verizon’s Simultaneous Voice And Data For CDMA iPhone?

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May 202010

As the rumored launch date for iPhone 4G draws closer, the talk of an end to AT&T’s carrier exclusivity has been growing louder.

Earlier this month, we had heard reports that Apple has contracted Pegatron Technology to ship close to 10 million CDMA iPhone handsets in 2010.

Brushing aside concerns about subscribers fleeing to Verizon, AT&T Wireless CEO Ralph de la Vega had noted yesterday that a lot of AT&T subscribers have signed up for family plans and corporate discount plans. He said that these plans would serve as incentives for the existing subscribers to stay with Ma Bell in the event of AT&T losing its exclusive-carrier status.

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May 192010

As our extensive KIRF library shows, China’s one wild country that can make almost anything you don’t want, so don’t mind us while we inspect this new finding with extra caution. This particular Chinese online seller not only claims to have parts for the next-gen iPhone, but also one white face plate — something not seen on iPhones thus far. While we drool over the thought of an all white Apple handheld, there are still questions to be answered here: the seller wasn’t able to explain what that silver bit above the speaker is, nor have we seen white back plates to match this. Furthermore, we were given a “maybe” for a bulk order of 15 to 20 units, which is quite a lot for something that’s not even out yet, but we were told over the phone that there’s always a back door to Foxconn as long as you wave cash at someone. Not that you should engage in such risky business, plus this piece’s authenticity will be revealed in about three weeks’ time, anyway. One more shot after the break.

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Fourth Generation iPhone Cases

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May 192010

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) gets underway in less than three weeks from now. Apple has traditionally used the WWDC platform to unveil its next generation iPhone.

There have been speculations in the past few weeks that the fourth generation iPhone (iPhone 4G) may not only be unveiled but also may go on sale during the event.

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