May 172010

Fresh reports from Taiwanese publication DigiTimes notes that Foxconn, the manufacturer of the next generation iPhone has been contracted to ship close to 24 million units of fourth generation iPhone for 2010. Of these, 4.5 million units are expected to be shipped in the month of June alone.

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Affidavit in Next Gen iPhone Case, Reveals The Chargers Against Gizmodo

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May 152010

Following multiple requests from media organizations, the affidavit relating to the leak of the next generation iPhone prototype by Gizmodo last month has been unsealed.

The document, a copy of which is embedded below, offers an interesting glimpse into the circumstances that led to the iPhone prototype being lost by Apple Engineer, Gray Powell, and the chain of events that followed.

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Roommate’s Tip Led Police To Lost iPhone

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May 142010

Police were alerted to investigate Brian Hogan’s possession of the prototype iPhone after his roommate called Apple Security out of fear she might be considered an accomplice in the theft.

A new report by Kim Zetter published by Wired identified the roommate named in the affidavit, and reported that she contacted contacted Apple after Hogan connected the prototype iPhone to her computer.

The investigating detective wrote in the affidavit that “[The roommate] contacted Apple in order to absolve herself of criminal responsibility.” The tip resulted in police preparing a search warrant for Hogan’s apartment.

Zetter reported that the roommate contacted police again two days later, before the search warrant had been served, as Hogan and his other roommate, Thomas Warner, were preparing to remove evidence from their home, including a desktop computer, serial number stickers from the iPhone, a thumb drive and a memory card.

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New iPhone HD spotted running iPhone OS 4?

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May 132010

This is a bit of a confusing one, but we just got tipped an additional shot of this 4th generation iPhone that leaked out in Vietnam, but this time with a big twist: it appears to be running iPhone OS 4. Or at least displaying a screenshot of the new OS, with that telltale wallpaper in the background. We have no idea how this crew might’ve circumvented Apple’s lockdown of the device, and there’s always the chance this is some sort of Photoshop or other trickery. Still, a source has confirmed to us that the markings “N90 PRO2” indicate an older prototype N90 (the Apple codename for the new iPhone), which refers to “Working Prototype 2” and might possibly be easier to enable than the newer, lock tight model Gizmodo obtained. Also, despite the photo’s out-of-focus nature, the display (or at least its contents) doesn’t appear nearly as sharp as those previous shots we saw of the “fireball” screen. We’re digging for more info as we speak, but unfortunately the original source site, Taoviet, is down right now. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else about this image’s origins.

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The Next iPhone Will Have A4 Processor, 256MB RAM, N90 PRO2,

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May 122010

iFixit confirms that the processor revealed in the leaked 4th generation iPhone is an Apple A4 processor. iFixit was also able to confirm the Samsung DRAM part number indicating that the next generation iPhone will have 256MB of RAM. This is the same amount of RAM found in the iPhone 3GS and iPad.

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May 122010

Gizmodo surprised the tech world with its scoop on the iPhone 4G model last month. Today, folks at Taoviet, a Vietnamese tech forum have gone a step ahead to reveal more pictures and details about what could be Apple’s new iPhone.

This is significant because the iPhone showcased at Taoviet could possibly be a newer prototype that might be closer to the actual iPhone model that is expected to go on sale next month.

The iPhone unearthed by the Vietnamese website is a 16GB pre-production model that does not run any OS. Instead, the handset is loaded with a “Bonfire” test routine. The device was apparently purchased by a businessman from an anonymous source for $4000.

Here are some observations of the newly leaked iPhone 4G model:

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Next Generation iPhone On Repair shop [Video]

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May 102010

You might have noticed that the parts resembles the lost iPhone prototype, which could be Apple’s new iPhone and might be called iPhone HD.

Let us know, do you like the form factor of what could be Apple’s next generation iPhone?

[via SmartPhone Medic]

New iPhone to record video at 720p HD?

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May 052010


While some are exploring the outward functionality of the latest beta of iPhone OS 4, others are slowly picking apart the underlying architecture and mining clues about the potential hardware and functionality of the upcoming iPhone. The most recent discovery teases us with 720p HD recording which is revealed in the following two video presets:

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New iPhone To Go On Sale From June 7?

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Apr 292010


Apple’s announcement of the dates for the 2010 edition of the WorldWide Developers Conference has triggered fresh speculations over the official launch date for the next generation iPhone.

You may recall that Apple has traditionally used the WWDC platform to unveil its new iPhone models though the devices themselves are made available in the stores only a few days later.

This year however, Apple may be looking at an immediate release. Sources close to Mashable have told the website that the next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone HD, could go on sale as early as June 7 – the opening day of WWDC 2010 when Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the new iPhone model.

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Apr 292010


The Spirit jailbreaking tool for iPhone OS 3.1.3 for iPhone and iPod Touch and iPhone OS 3.2 for iPad is coming soon and might be released as early as tomorrow (April 30).

Comex, the developer of the popular untethered jailbreaking software solution has announced that the much awaited tool shall be released on Friday. The announcement comes courtesy a Twitter conversation between Comex and an iPhone user.

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