iPhone 5 Will Support a 8 mp Camera Made By Sony

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Apr 022011

I’m here watching Walt Mossberg talk to Sony’s CEO, Sir Howard Stringer.  Stringer just said that their camera image sensor facility in Sendai was affected by the recent tsunami/quake.  In the next breath, he said something to the effect of getting image sensors to companies like Apple will be delayed.

Paraphrased: “Our best senor technology is built in one of the (tsunami) affected factories.  Those go to Apple for their iPhones…or iPads.  Isn’t that something?  They buy our best sensors from us?”

Update: Interestingly, Sony doesn’t currently make any sensors for Apple, though there are rumors that the the company was dumping Omnivision for the iPhone 5.  Perhaps this delay is a factor in the delay of the iPhone 5. Continue reading »

Rumors are No iPhone 5 at WWDC this year?

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Mar 282011
By now you’ve seen the announcement for WWDC 2011 (coming June 6th), but what you may not have heard yet is that this one is going to be a little different than some of the dev cons from years past. Namely, unlike the events in 2008 through 2010, you won’t see the announcement of a new iPhone (or iPad… or anything else hardware related). We’re hearing the same kind of chatter from sources that solid writers like Jim Dalrymple of The Loop and All Thing D‘s John Paczkowski have been reporting today — that this WWDC is going to be all about the future of iOS and OS X.

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Apple Might Delayed iOS 5 Until Fall?

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Mar 262011

Apple has reportedly pushed back the launch of new cloud based iOS  5 until this fall, according to two ‘solid’ TechCrunch sources.

Here is what they’re hearing:
● iOS 5 will launch in the fall and will be a major revamp of the OS.
● It could well be previewed at WWDC, it just won’t be released then.
● The iOS 5 launch is also likely to coincide with the release of a new type of iPad, which we previously reported on.
● The new iOS will be heavily built around the cloud, and we could see several new services launch from Apple that take advantage of this.
● Yes, one of those is very likely a “music locker” service. There is also a fall launch aim for this, during Apple’s annual music-themed event. Continue reading »

The Complete iPhone 5 Rumors

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Mar 232011

New design, brushed metal back, sliding keyboard, larger screen, contactless payments, etc … The more serious the most outrageous rumors about the iPhone 5 are already many and it becomes difficult to sort among all the brouhaha … In order to simplify the task and as I already did last year, I decided to synthesize all these rumors in the form a computer graphics, computer graphics and how! …

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iPhone 5 Prototypes

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Mar 182011

iPhone 5 prototypes with a metal back and larger screen have reportedly been spotted at Foxconn, according to 9to5Mac.

Although some reports claim the iPhone 5 will adopt a curved metal back, our source says models have been floating around with a flat metal back. The material of this metal is unspecified. Our brains say aluminum but our hearts wonder if this could be Liquid Metal.
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