Jun 192014

Smart phone theft has been a huge problem for police, particularly the theft of Apple products. Apple has taken steps to help prevent this problem by introducing the new Activation Lock anti-theft system with iOS 7 to help prevent the re-use of stolen iOS devices. Continue reading »

Jun 112014

Ringly is launching a pre-sale campaign for its iPhone- connected high tech smart ring that will help many busy women by notifying them of incoming calls, messages, third party notifications, and more. Continue reading »

May 212014

There are many remixed iPhone ringtones out there on the internet, but MetroGnome, an elecronic musician, has created the best remix of the classic iPhone ringtone we have heard. Continue reading »

May 092014

We have seen many iPhone mockups in the past few months and many of us want to know what a larger iPhone would feel like in our hands. Well thanks to Designer Martin Hajek you can now print a physical mock up yourself, you would of course need access to a 3D printer and you would also have to purchase Hajek’s 3D plans that include an .STL file for 3D printing as well as .3DS and .OBJ modeling files. The .STL file are compatible with wide range of machines and services, but the results may vary depending on the 3D printer type. Continue reading »

May 082014

The DermoScreen app is currently being tested to detect melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. The app has an accuracy rate of around 85 percent and was developed by University of Houston professor of engineering technology, George Zouridakis. Continue reading »

Apr 232014

Apple is now airing an iPhone 5s ad titled “Gigantic” on ABC.The ad starts out with the Pixies getting ready to play their song called “Gigantic”, which is available in iTunes, the ad continues to play the song in the background while showcasing a few things that can be done with the iPhone like creating music, playing games on a big screen, taking photos, recording videos, and tracking your health. The ad ends with a message “You’re more powerful than you think”. Continue reading »

Apr 042014

iPhone 5s is low in china according to a report from Cantor Fitzgerald, But there is much more interest in the larger-screen iPhone 6. Chinese vendors and carriers are very interested in the larger screen model according to report. Continue reading »

Apr 012014

Reuters has reported that according to a source, Apple suppliers will begin production of 4.7-inch iPhone as early as May while the 5.5-inch version will be delayed. Continue reading »

Mar 282014

Japan has leaked a sketch that show  4.7-inch and  5.7-inch iPhone 6c models. In the sketch we see a very similar design to that of the iPhone 5c, but it is rumored that Apple may be getting rid of the plastic/polycarbonate iPhone and  go for an all metal iPhone lineup this time. Continue reading »

Mar 272014

Apple may release the iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display as early as September, according to a report from Nikkei Asian Review. Continue reading »