Apr 042014

iPhone 5s is low in china according to a report from Cantor Fitzgerald, But there is much more interest in the larger-screen iPhone 6. Chinese vendors and carriers are very interested in the larger screen model according to report. Continue reading »

Apr 012014

Reuters has reported that according to a source, Apple suppliers will begin production of 4.7-inch iPhone as early as May while the 5.5-inch version will be delayed. Continue reading »

Mar 282014

Japan has leaked a sketch that show  4.7-inch and  5.7-inch iPhone 6c models. In the sketch we see a very similar design to that of the iPhone 5c, but it is rumored that Apple may be getting rid of the plastic/polycarbonate iPhone and  go for an all metal iPhone lineup this time. Continue reading »

Mar 272014

Apple may release the iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display as early as September, according to a report from Nikkei Asian Review. Continue reading »

Mar 272014

Apple has filed an application for a patent with the USPTO on Thursday for  “transparent texting” technology which lets users see what is happening in front of them while texting. Apple’s also filed for a patent application back in 2012 and credits Stephen T. Payne as its inventor. Continue reading »

Mar 252014

Apple has sold over 500 million iPhones in less than 7 years, reports Forbes.

Apple reached 400 million in iPhone sales in the end of July, 2013. Entering this quarter Apple had sold 472 million iPhones. It is estimated that Apple would have sold its 500 millionth iPhone around March 8th. Continue reading »

Mar 252014

Apple testing new App Store feature, this feature offers related search suggestions to users. It was first noticed by developer Olga Osadcha.

Just noticed “Related” search suggestions in App Store. Has it always been there? (iPhone only)

The new Related bar is directly under the search bar at the top of the screen. It displays various term suggestions tap one to bring up the new search.

Apple may be adding the feature slowly or just testing it with select users. Continue reading »

Mar 252014

In a research note to investors, UBS analyst Steve Milunovich claims supply chin checks indicate Apple will release only one iPhone model with larger screen later this fall. Milunovich predicts this new iPhone will have a 4.7-inch display instead of the larger inch screen. It may be sold at a higher price tag than the current 4-inch iPhone 5s, which starts at a $199 subsidized price or $649 full retail price for the 16GB model. Continue reading »

Mar 212014

Virgin Mobile, a Sprint subsidiary, is offering the iPhone 5s 16G contract free for $385 in Gold (best), Space Gray and White. A 32GB iPhone 5s for $455 while a 64GB iPhone 5s will run you $525. Continue reading »

Mar 202014

Fast food restaurant Burger King announced it plans to offer an iOS application that will allow customers to pay for their meals using their smartphone, reports Bloomberg. The new payment system will debut next month as the number 2 burger chain in the US tries to attract a younger crowd. Similar to Starbucks, the Burger King app will use a reloadable gift card system to supply funds necessary for payments. Continue reading »