Mar 032015

Apple is expected to unveil their new Apple Watch at the ‘Spring Forward’ media event on March 9th and now a new report from The Michael Report claims that Apple will use this opportunity to unveil their rumored 12-inch Retina MacBook Air.

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Apr 292014

The updated MacBook Airs have now been launched and each models price has been reduced by $100.

The updated 11-inch and 13-inch models now come with a a faster 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, the same 4GB of RAM and slightly improved battery life. Continue reading »

Mar 262014

MacBook shipments to decrease in 2014  by around 15% from 12 million units in 2013 to 10 million units or even maybe even 9.9 million units, according to of Taiwan-based supply chain makers. According to source, Apple decreased shipments in March. Continue reading »

May 072012

Rumor has it that the new MacBook Air will arrive in Q3 of this year for the very reasonable price of $799. The Air has progressed fantastically during the past three years, and its position as a game-changing device has been affirmed by the number of slim Windows notebooks – or ultrabooks, as they are known – that have surfaced as a result of its success. Before the device was first introduced, any thin and light portable computer scrimped on features, but the Air offers a smooth and powerful experience – despite boasting a form factor no thicker than 50 sheets of paper. Continue reading »

Oct 202010

We just spent some quality time with the new 13-inch MacBook Air, and it certainly seems like a worthy upgrade. It definitely feels significantly bigger than the 11-incher, and we noticed the function keys are standard MacBook size, as opposed to the shrunken ones on the 11. We also noticed that it was seriously instant-on — we popped the lid open and closed several times while taking photos, and it was ready to go the second we opened it. We’ll have more impressions and pics in a few, stay tuned! Continue reading »

Oct 202010

Look, all we can tell you is that is one of the tiniest, thinnest, most lust-worthy laptops we’ve ever seen. We’re taking a deeper look at the device right now, but for the time being, enjoy the gallery below! Continue reading »