May 172012

A project called AppleSeed, allows select people – and we don’t know how they are chosen – to test out very early and exclusive access to new releases of software for testing. That particular group of people may have been given a little clue as to what direct Apple is taking with its next big cat. In an email to those on the Appleseed program, Apple has requested that users inform the company of their latest hardware configuration to enable “exclusive seeds” of new software, with Mountain Lion being mentioned by name. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

According to a report published earlier today, Apple is looking to introduce Retina Displays to their MacBook Pro lineup of high-end notebooks. Details available after the jump!

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Nov 152011

There can be little argument that Apple’s MacBook Air line of ultra-thin, ultra-portable notebooks has been a success. Despite initial skepticism when the first 13″ model launched with slow hardware and super small hard disks, the last two iterations have offered a much more robust machine.

Add the new 11″ model to the equation, and Apple has taken the netbook market it crushed with the iPad, and reinvented it. Most agree that the 11″ MacBook Air is the perfect machine for any road warrior, and the fact that this post is being written on one, sat in the driving seat of a car, should go some way to proving that pretty conclusively. Don’t worry, we’re stationary!

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May 052011

In spite of the “Pro” in its name, Apple’s 2011 MBP got off to a bit of a bumpy start for many users. Some encountered problems when outputting video through the Thunderbolt port to their Cinema Displays, while others found the new MacBook Pro freezing up when processing loads got that little bit too intense. The good news is that Apple now has a software update geared to remedying all these maladies, with changes specifically designed to improve graphics stability, 3D performance, and support for external displays and Thunderbolt devices. Continue reading »