Review for New Apple TV (2010)

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Sep 292010

You’ve been waiting, and it’s finally here: the Apple TV review. Months before Steve Jobs announced the new set top box at Apple’s annual fall event, we had been reporting on news that the company would strike out again into the TV market, offering a small, low-cost box that had more in common with the iPhone than the iMac. When those rumors came to fruition, we were presented with the completely revamped Apple TV — a tiny black puck of a device priced at a staggering $99, and centered around a handful of completely new ideas (for the folks in Cupertino at least) about getting content onto your TV screen. The first is a new rental system which allows you to nab brand new TV shows at $0.99 a rental, and HD movies for $4.99 a go (or $3.99 for older titles). And that includes new releases the same day DVDs hit shelves (or Netflix distribution centers). Speaking of Netflix, the new Apple TV also features the rental service’s “Watch Instantly” as a wholly integrated component of its offerings, alongside a new function the company calls AirPlay which will allow you to “push” video and audio content from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with the tap of a button. On top of that, the new ATV streamlines sharing from your home computers or laptops, making getting content you own onto your TV dead simple. So, has Apple finally solved the “second box” problem, or are they still struggling to turn this hobby into a real business? Follow along after the break for those answers (and more) in our full review of the Apple TV! Continue reading »

Apple iPad vs Samsung Galaxy

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Sep 032010

When we talk about touchscreen-only Tablets, the first device that pops up in mind is the iPad. It is an awesome device in many ways, provided that you find some good use for it. When iPad waslaunched earlier this year, it was pushed as a device to innovate the way we use our computers, just like what iPhone did with smartphones back in 2007.

The popularity and success of iPad naturally spawned many different manufacturers to bring similar devices to market. There was the JooJoo, the now dead HP Slate, Dell Streak and tons of otherAndroid based devices. But none of them could proved to be a serious challenge to Apple’s offering. Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Tab, an Android 2.2 tablet which is getting lots of attention in media for being the only tablet that can give iPad a serious a run for its money. Continue reading »

Flash Player 10.1 On Droid 2 Justifies Apple’s Decision To Not Allow Flash On The iPhone

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Aug 212010

Adobe had recently launched its new Flash Player 10.1 for mobile that is now being offered on the latest version of the Android OS. The launch has raised considerable interest and has got several iPhone users wondering if this could in any way bring Flash to their iDevices.

However, according to Avram Piltch from the Laptop Magazine, Flash for mobile may still be a long way from offering users an ideal experience.

Laptop Magazine has been evaluating Flash Player 10.1 on the new Droid 2 that comes pre-installed with the multimedia platform. He reports that Flash videos on, that were optimized for the mobile web, ran much smoother than the Flash videos on websites like that were designed for a PC. He notes: Continue reading »

iOS 4.1 Beta 2 fixes iPhone 4 proximity sensor

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Jul 272010

It’s known that some iPhone 4 users are experiencing issues with its proximity sensor, including myself. People find themselves inadvertently ending and muting calls, punching in keys, and sending FaceTime requests. Jobs and company promised a fix to this, and it seems iOS 4.1 might just be the magical savior of the proximity sensor. This is based on non-scientific tests on two iPhone 4s as well as reader submissions.


iOS 4.0.1 hitting iPhones right this second (update: 3.2.1 for iPads, too)

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Jul 152010
Well it’s not the full 4.1 we were expecting… but here’s a little tidbit from Apple. One of the main features? The update “improves the formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display.” Interesting. We’re updating some devices right now, and will report back with what we find. Continue reading »
Jul 142010

MacRumors is reporting that iOS 4.1 Beta 1 that was just released by Apple to developers of its iPhone Developer Program includes the signal bar changes to fix incorrect display of signal strength.

It will provide users a much better indication of the reception that they are getting in a given area.

Apple had released a public statement couple of weeks back in response to the iPhone 4 reception saga to confirm that they’re incorrectly displaying the signal strength, which will be fixed with a software update that will provide users a much better indication of the reception that they are getting in a given area.

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iPhone 4 UK: Carrier Pricing And Tariff Plans Compared

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Jul 112010

T-Mobile UK finally announced its pricing and tariff plans for Apple’s new iPhone 4, which has been available for more than 2 weeks.

So it makes T-Mobile the last carrier to join the iPhone 4 party in the UK as O2, Vodafone, Orange, 3 Network and Tesco Mobile have already announced their pricing and tariff plans for iPhone 4.

If you thought that T-Mobile had delayed the pricing and tariff plans for iPhone 4 to study what competitors have to offer, so that it can offer a much better deal then you’ll be disappointed.

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Jul 102010

I’m sure most of you’ve heard of or probably tried Chatroulette, a website that pairs random strangers from around the world together for webcam-based conversations.

iChatr, an iPhone app for iPhone 4 has just been released that brings Chatroulette to the iPhone. It enables iPhone 4 users to video chat with other random iPhone 4 users from around the world.

iChatr – Random Video chat is developed by SKJM who have developed apps such as iChatr, iSpy, iVid, iCam, and iFarkle applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iChatr makes use of iPhone 4’s front facing camera. Here are some more details about the iPhone app:

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Jul 092010

After watching this video, i’m beginning to think that my iphone 4 bumper purchase wasn’t much of deal breaker. If you listen closely you can hear the iphone  hitting the ground directly on the glass. I figured that the rubber edges wouldn’t allow the actual iphone to hit the ground but I was wrong. Obviously your not going to go out and drop your iphone on concrete 4 times in a row but even that one accidental drop might do the job and break your iphone, bumper on or not.

Jul 052010

Tests taken across a small (24-person) sample group suggest reading eBooks remains slower than reading paper, with the iPad being faster to read than a Kindle device.

Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group set out to determine reading speed differences between the different platforms (book, ebook, iPad etc).
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