iMovie For iPhone [Preview]

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Jun 142010

Apple had showcased the new iMovie app for iPhone during WWDC 2010 Keynote address. The application that will allow users to record and edit HD videos on iPhone 4, will be available on the App Store at a price of $4.99.

While the demo of the iPhone app was pretty impressive, the information available about Apple’s Movie App for iPhone is still quite sketchy resulting in several unanswered questions.

Folks at TidBITS claim that they’ve managed to uncover some of the details about the iPhone app from their source. They’ve revealed few interesting about Apple’s new iPhone application, which Apple engineers have worked on for more than 18 months.

The iMovie app will require iPhone 4 and shall not work on iPhone 3GS. This is because the application will require the new iPhone’s A4 processor to process the real-time transitions. Continue reading »

Bumpers For iPhone 4 – Will You Be Buying One?

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Jun 132010

When Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone 4 at the WWDC 2010 Keynote address it didn’t come as a big surprise as it was similar to the lost next generation iPhone prototype that Gizmodo had revealed.

But Apple manufacturing its own case for iPhone 4 did come as a surprise.

Apple is calling its iPhone 4 case, a Bumper. The iPhone 4 Bumper goes around the edge of the iPhone 4 and doesn’t cover the back of the iPhone like regular iPhone cases. It comes with metal two-tone colors buttons for volume and power.

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iPhone 4 Vs. HTC EVO 4G

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Jun 082010

Apple unveiled the next generation iPhone yesterday amidst a lot of anticipation and excitement.

As Steve Jobs had noted prior to the event, the announcements at WWDC 2010 did not leave the users disappointed.

In fact, Apple has claimed that iPhone 4 is “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”.

Despite these major improvements on the new iPhone, Apple may not have it easy moving forward. This is because of the slew of Android handsets that have been unveiled in the past few weeks. Early this month, Sprint launched HTC EVO 4G, which is possibly the most advanced Android handsets to have launched till now. We had written about HTC EVO 4G in March this year. Back then, we had hoped for iPhone 4 to be a much better gadget than HTC EVO. So how do the two devices compare? Here is a feature-by-feature comparison of the two smartphones. Continue reading »

Jun 052010

It’s oftentimes easy for us to get swept up in Android mania and forget that Google’s mobile platform is still in its infancy. Then we get cold hard numbers like these — showing iPhone OS owning 28 percent of the US smartphone market and closing in on RIM’s leading 35 percent — and we face up to the realization that Android handsets still account for less than one in every ten smartphones owned by Americans today. In spite of collecting 28 percent of all consumer smartphone purchases in the first quarter of 2010 (according to NPD), Google’s OS was only able to climb up a couple of percentage points in terms of total market share, showing just how long a road lies ahead of its world-conquering plans. Guess that now explains why Apple’s response to the earlier numbers was so nonchalant.

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iPhone 4g iPod and iPad Will Have A camera flash

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May 192010

Besides AT&T tethering and some groovy background images, the iPhone 4 Beta 4 update does have exciting information to share with us.  We are pretty sure the iPhone 4 is going to have a LED Flash, no surprise there:

But maybe some other devices are going to have cameras with a Flash?  iPad?  iPod touch?  it wasn’t immediately apparent from any of the recent prototypes, but there it is, in the iPhoneOS 4 code:

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May 192010
iPad-controlled blimp is one magical dirigible

Some are smitten by the iPad, some wonder just what the heck they’d do with the thing. We finally have an answer for members of the latter group: iPad blimp. The lighter-than-air portion of this equation features an Arduino controller board and some helium, while the decidedly heavier-than-air iPad runs an app to receive a video signal from the blimp and to send it controls via accelerometer. It was created by Breakfast NY and made its debut at an after party following the Munny Exhibit, part of Design Week, where it seemed to be quite a hit amongst the gathered group of drunken humanity, who you can see frolicking with the shiny airship after the break.
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May 182010

See that screen there? That’s from the minty fresh beta 4 of iPhone OS 4.0, which was just released to developers moments ago. Unless our eyes are badly mistaken, that’s an option to setup internet tethering on AT&T, something that WWAN warriors have been waiting for since… oh, forever. We’re downloading the new build as we speak, and we’ll let you know if we find anything out. Oh, and don’t get your hopes up too high — AT&T proclaimed that it was “still waiting on better network performance” before enabling iPhone tethering just three weeks ago.

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No Need Of Credit Card Pay With Your iPhone Using In2Pay Case

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May 182010

Visa has partnered with a company called DeviceFidelity to launch a new iPhone accessory that will enable users to make payments from their iPhone in much the same way as they do with their credit cards.

The new system, named In2Pay, will work at the several thousand retailers across US who allow the RFID-supported no-swipe payment system.

In a recently published media statement, Visa notes that the technology will work with the help of a microSD card that is equipped with a near-field communications chip. This microSD card needs to be connected to the iPhone using an In2Pay case that may be plugged to the iPhone’s dock connector. The chip will then be able to interact with Visa’s payment app on the user’s iPhone.

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Use Your iPad As a Remote With Comcast

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May 172010

Here’s an interesting demo video from Comcast that features an iPad as a remote control with a few extras. In the demo, Comcast’s Brian Roberts shows how to use the app to search for programming (both TV and On Demand), change channels and even program the Comcast DVR. Pretty neat.

Once paired with your cable box, simply browse the TV schedule or the On Demand options. To jump to a show, simply tap its name and presto! The cable box changes channels. Likewise, you can tap an On Demand feature to start it playing. The keyboard will make searching a lot easier (think Apple’s Remote app with the Apple TV).

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May 122010

Gizmodo surprised the tech world with its scoop on the iPhone 4G model last month. Today, folks at Taoviet, a Vietnamese tech forum have gone a step ahead to reveal more pictures and details about what could be Apple’s new iPhone.

This is significant because the iPhone showcased at Taoviet could possibly be a newer prototype that might be closer to the actual iPhone model that is expected to go on sale next month.

The iPhone unearthed by the Vietnamese website is a 16GB pre-production model that does not run any OS. Instead, the handset is loaded with a “Bonfire” test routine. The device was apparently purchased by a businessman from an anonymous source for $4000.

Here are some observations of the newly leaked iPhone 4G model:

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