Apr 012014

Reuters has reported that according to a source, Apple suppliers will begin production of 4.7-inch iPhone as early as May while the 5.5-inch version will be delayed. Continue reading »

Mar 312014

Weibo has posted some photos that supposedly show an iPhone 6 testing at Foxconn, but the credibility of the images cannot be confirmed. The iPhone 6 shown in the images has a protruding camera, rounded edges and looks much thinner than the current iPhone 5s. Continue reading »

Mar 282014

Japan has leaked a sketch that show  4.7-inch and  5.7-inch iPhone 6c models. In the sketch we see a very similar design to that of the iPhone 5c, but it is rumored that Apple may be getting rid of the plastic/polycarbonate iPhone and  go for an all metal iPhone lineup this time. Continue reading »

Mar 272014

Apple may release the iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display as early as September, according to a report from Nikkei Asian Review. Continue reading »

Mar 262014

MacBook shipments to decrease in 2014  by around 15% from 12 million units in 2013 to 10 million units or even maybe even 9.9 million units, according to of Taiwan-based supply chain makers. According to source, Apple decreased shipments in March. Continue reading »

Mar 252014

In a research note to investors, UBS analyst Steve Milunovich claims supply chin checks indicate Apple will release only one iPhone model with larger screen later this fall. Milunovich predicts this new iPhone will have a 4.7-inch display instead of the larger inch screen. It may be sold at a higher price tag than the current 4-inch iPhone 5s, which starts at a $199 subsidized price or $649 full retail price for the 16GB model. Continue reading »

Mar 242014

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is in talks with Comcast for a streaming TV service that’ll be available in future versions of the Apple TV.

Apple plans to offer live and on-demand streams of TV channels over the internet in the future, and this partnership would give the company access to Comcast’s network of channels. Apple would deliver the streams over special cables on Comcast’s network, such that it bypasses “congestion on the Web.”  Apple wants to ensure that the quality of the streaming video is as good as traditional TV networks, so customers don’t have to wait for the video to buffer.  Comcast and Apple’s discussions are in early stages and aren’t close to an agreement. Comcast would be required to significantly invest and improve its network, so that the service quality is up to Apple’s standards. Continue reading »

Sep 092012

Photo by Luis Gutierrez, Developer of Super Apps
Apple has finished decorating the front facade of the Yerba Buena center in preparation for their September 12th media event. Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 at that event. At initial glance, the front decoration seems to show no obvious clues as to their announcements. Continue reading »

Jun 072012

That purported new iPhone backing has decided to show off its taller, slimmer, self again — this time in a full 360-degree video from parts reseller, ETradeSupply. It doesn’t reveal much more than what we got to see in those initial photos: a relocated headphone socket, two-tone surface and a much smaller dock connector. Continue reading »

May 222012

One of our sources has provided us with images of what are claimed to be new next-generation iOS device parts being carried by a supplier. Supplier claiming next-generation iPod touch front panel would be taller than the current model and that the opening in the front panel measures 4.1 inches diagonally. Continue reading »