Oct 092012

Prior to iOS 6, it was quite a pain to attach photo or video to an email. One had to launch the Photos app, select the photos or videos and then tap on the share button to send them via email. Continue reading »

Sep 262012

Apple claims that the new iPhone 5 offers up to 8 hours of talk time on 3G, up to 8 hours of internet use on 3G, up to 8 hours on LTE and up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi, up to 10 hours of video playback, up to 40 hours of audio playback and finally up to 225 hours of standby time. Continue reading »

May 252012

These are instructions on how to perform an untethered jailbreak of your iPhone on iOS 5.1.1 using Absinthe for Windows.

Warning***: Before you continue make sure to do a backup of your device in iTunes as you may lose your Camera Roll during this process. Continue reading »

Mar 312012

Everyone loves a bit of privacy every now and then, and let’s face it, I am pretty sure that everyone has given their cell phone number out to someone that they later regretted giving it to for one reason or another. You would expect, that in this advanced day and age when smartphones play such an increasingly important and prominent role in our everyday lives, we would have a native filtering option on the device, or at very least our networks would be able to provide such a service. Continue reading »

Mar 092012

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S in October of 2011, one of the most talked about and probably its headline feature was the inclusion of the Siri intelligent assistant software which attempted to make life easier by being able to accomplish tasks given to it through a simple voice command. When invoked by the user, Siri is ready and able to take spoken orders which can range from setting meetings up in the calendar, checking the location of friends and family or even pulling up a weather forecast for most locations in the world. Continue reading »

Feb 292012

The Internet is abuzz with stats about iPad trade-ins going through the roof as the March 7 iPad 3 unveiling in San Francisco looms closer, and while percentages and graphs are vaguely interesting, the real meat to the story concerns where and how people can get the most bang for their buck. Continue reading »

Jan 302012

Apple’s iOS isn’t exactly a cutesy operating system. Steve Jobs and co set out to make the iPhone, iPod and iPad OS as usable as possible without adding unnecessary bells and whistles. In the main part they succeeded, but it’s hard to deny that there are a couple of areas where it could do with that personal touch – something to make the whole experience feel a little more like home.

Copic is one way of doing just that, although unfortunately you’ll need to have a jailbroken iOS device in order to take advantage of this little bundle of personality. Thankfully that is a whole lot easier to achieve now the new jailbreak tools have been released, and everyone can take advantage of all the joys that come with hacking an iOS device. Continue reading »

Jan 232012

I had mentioned in an earlier post that one of the things which I was most looking forward to with the release ofthe iPhone 4S jailbreak was the new and innovative uses for the personal assistant, Siri. Developers have been itching to get their hands on a jailbroken 4S to allow them to test, amend and then release their tweaks and enhancements which will bring more power to the already very functional and intelligent voice analysis software. Continue reading »

Jan 232012

The third party application store, Cydia, has achieved phenomenal success in the relatively short time it has been existence. Obviously, the success of any sales platform is predominantly down to these consumers who use it day in and day out, without those people who require additional tweaks and utilities on their devices, it simply wouldn’t exist. Continue reading »

Jan 152012

I can remember getting the original iPhone in 2007, powering it up for the first time and being blown away by the native YouTube application which came bundled into the iPhone OS, as it was known at the time. I had never been a big user of the video sharing service, but the convenience provided by having it on a device which I carried around with me all the time made me start using it a lot more. Continue reading »