Mar 192014

Sometimes it can be hard to see where we’re walking while we’re in a in depth conversation through text. Well, do not fret, because there is now a jailbreak tweak that uses the camera to show you right where you’re walking while  texting.

CamText is going to use the camera as the background on the Messages app. That way you get a live feed of what you’re about to walk onto or into without even looking up from your device. You’ll need to install Messages Customiser, which is a free tweak that enables this tweak to work. Continue reading »

Apr 112012

Smartphones such as the iPhone, and mobile devices like the iPad becoming more and more expensive, it stands to reason that consumers will want to look after their gadgets as much as humanely possible. Continue reading »

Apr 042012

The MediaSpeak tweak which has just landed on the Cydia store could be something you have been looking for. If you are a regular iOS device music listener, then this little package could add a little bit of extra depth to your listening experience, as well as actually providing a very good little audible service to users. MediaSpeak is essentially a very lightweight installation that hooks into the Music app on your jailbroken device and listens to when a new song begins playing back. Continue reading »

Apr 032012

LockDate has just hit Cydia and comes from the developer named Arash Amini, offering nothing more than a small aesthetic modification to the way the lock screen is rendered when the device is in sleep mode.  After installation, LockDate stays true to the native setup, but gives the user the ability to alter the look of the date label as well as adding some touch-based gestures to the lock screen party. Continue reading »

Mar 272012

Attacher is a tweak by Dany Lisiansky that lets you attach files to iMessages.

Send and Receive any attachment with iMessage
– Open any received attachment.
– Attach and send any type of file.
– Record and attach voice memos.
– “Listen before attaching” switch in Settings > Attacher.
– Customize voice memo’s name in Settings > Attacher. Continue reading »

Mar 202012

iOS-powered devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are hugely popular around the world, with Apple’s mobile OS considered to be one of the most complete offerings in the mobile world. Like all major operating systems that are updated periodically, iOS has seen organic growth over its life and has benefitted from multiple feature additions as well as numerous bug fixes. Continue reading »