Apr 112014

Don Melton and Steve Jobs were not close but he has been involved with Jobs since the days of NeXT and is the former Safari Chief. Melton has contributed to the Safari browser and WebKit. SteveJobs_Wide_620x350

Even if they were not close he remembers some fond memories, He has written a blog post sharing the working relationship he had with Steve Jobs.

A piece of Melton’s blog post:

“Steve expected excellence. Which is why he so often got it.

He knew when something was right, but he didn’t always tell you what he wanted when it wasn’t. And he was very clear when he didn’t like it. Some misinterpreted this behavior as being overly critical, but it was actually time-saving clarity, albeit uncomfortable on occasion”

His blog post really gives us a view of how Jobs was around his employees, go over to Melton’s blog to read the full post.

[via Don Melton]

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