Apr 252014

The New York Times writes an article about Francisco Tolmasky, the 20 year old who was hired to work on Mobile Safari. Tolmasky was hired right out of college by Apple in 2006 when the company was getting ready to launch the iPhone.

francisco-tomolskyTolmasky recalls having to wait a month for Steve Jobs to get back from his vacation so that he could give his personal blessing for the hiring.

“He was super guarded about the project, and he was probably suspicious of some random 20-year-old,” Mr. Tolmasky said. “I remember being very frustrated. This was, like, an impossible task.”

But it wasn’t all serious:

There was another person named Steve on the iPhone design team, which caused some confusion in meetings. Mr. Jobs sought to change this.“At some point Steve Jobs got really frustrated with this and said ‘Guess what, you’re Margaret from now on,’” Mr. Tolmasky said. From there on, members of the team would always address the designer Steve as Margaret.

Tolmasky left Apple after the iPhone was launched, after the device become a huge success the team had to grow and priorities changed. To him it no longer felt like a start-up and decided to leave so he could start his own, which was eventually bought by Motorola for about $20M.

He is now focused on making games that “take advantage of the smart sensors, like the accelerometer and gyroscope, inside mobile devices. His game, Bonsai Slice, developed with a team of five people, involves swinging around an iPad like a sword, to cut through virtual objects on the screen”.

To read the full article please visit The New York Times.

Watch the trailer for Tolmasky’s game, Bonsai Slice, bellow.

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