Apr 112014

It was reported earlier in the week that Apple is planning to renovate its iTunes Music Store to due to decline in music downloads. Music blogger Robert Hutton reported that Apple may be adding High Definition music downloads as well and Apple may announce this at the June WWDC.

For several years, Apple have been insisting that labels provide files for iTunes in 24 bit format – preferably 96k or 192k sampling rate. So they have undeniably the biggest catalog of hi-res audio in the world.

And the Led Zeppelin remasters in high resolution will be the kick off event – to coincide with Led Zep in hi-res, Apple will flip the switch and launch their hi-res store via iTunes – and apparently, it will be priced a buck above the typical current file prices.

That’s right – Apple will launch hi-res iTunes in two months.

iTunes only offers 16-bit audio files, but has been encouraging artists to submit 24-bit 96kHz resolution music as part of the company’s Mastered for iTunes program.

It isn’t official but the idea is plausible, costumers may also be charged and extra $1 for the HD version.
Let us know what you think and if you would pay more for an HD version of  a song.


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