May 232011

We’ve seen panorama add-ons for the iPhone before, but Kogeto’s offering is quite a bit more pocketable than other crowd-funded solutions. The Kogeto Dot snaps onto an iPhone 4 in your choice of pastel colors, and catches 360-degree video when placed face down. It’s got an accompanying iOS app that will un-distort the video for sharing, or even broadcast it on the net in real time.

We got to check out a prototype, and though there’s still some residual distortion at this point in time, we’re assured that it’ll all get straightened out if and when the project meets its funding goal. Interestingly (and annoyingly), this implementation requires your iPhone be held perpendicular rather than upright, making previewing a capture virtually impossible until after you’ve stopped the recording, which seems unnatural to us. Combine that with a minimum Kickstarter pledge of $98 to secure one of your own, and suddenly the less-portable and lower-degree alternatives start sounding a little more attractive. If you’re still interested, hit the source link below and get in on the action.

via engadget

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