May 152012

It has been revealed that the next installment to the iMac series could pack in the pixels, bringing the super-sharp screen we’ve grown to love on the iPhone and iPad. Given the sheer size of the iMac’s screen, we’re talking serious sharpness and quality which will likely stun even those enjoying the resolution of the two month old iPad.

Nothing’s set in stone, of course, but according to ABC News, the updated iMac could also be unveiled at the WWDC’12, the breeding ground of many a great announcement in years passed. Additional details are scarce, and it is unknown whether much else will be upgraded with regards to hardware.

All will become much clearer on June 11th, and although the tech world usually does a pretty good job of guessing new products in advance, Apple’s opaque veil of secrecy means there’s usually a surprise or two in the offing, so it will be interesting to see what the score is in a months’ time.[via Redmond Pie]

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