Jun 192014

A website called mendmyi, which replaces batteries in iPhone 5’s, has discovered that your phone is not holding charge due to third-party charging cables.


According to mendmyi, using cheaper third-party cables damages internal components in the phone. There is part called the U2 IC chip, this part controls the charging of the battery, the sleep/wake button, and regulates the charging to the power IC that ultimately charges the iPhone 5. This part is fitted to the logic board with 36 pins, mendmyi says Replacing this IC is a lot more involved!

mendmyi has this to say:

“Charging your iPhone using a third party charger or USB lead that does not regulate this as much allows for larger variables in voltage and current, this then damages the U2 IC and can leave you with a seemingly dead iPhone 5. Another common reason for this is also charging your iPhone 5 from the cigarette lighter of your car. This does not regulate the voltage as well as the original AC adapter as the power is coming from the alternator. If you need to charge our iPhone or any electrical equipment in your car we would recommend a good quality inverter with your original charger and USB lead.”

Is your phone battery having trouble holding its charge after using third-party cables? Let us know in the comments section bellow.

[Photo from mendmyi]


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