May 172012

The rumor about Apple releasing a miniature version of the iPad is indeed still persisting, and the latest information to come from Taiwan seems to suggest that the rumor could soon become a mini reality.

TheLibertyTimes, one of the top media outlets in Taiwan, ran an article this morning which claims that Apple is intending to release their “iPad Mini” during the final few months of 2012. We have no confirmation whether such a product is in the pipeline or not but the speculation surrounding the proposed 7.85-inch Apple tablet won’t seem to die down.

In an additional iPad Mini related conjecture, the production responsibilities of the backlight modules for the Mini device will fall into the hands of TPK Holdings and Chemi Innolux, who will produce 4 million and 2 million units respectively. The numbers of required backlight modules seems to fall in line with the reported initial production run of Apple wanting to ship 6 million of the new miniature device. Nissha Printing have been contracted to manufacturer the touch film sensor that adorns the beautiful display.

With various competitors offering a tablet device smaller than Apple’s hugely popular iPad, it seems feasible that the company would want to compete only if they could produce a device that they are confident of, and would blow the competition out of the water.

[via Redmond Pie]

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