Jun 282010

Yes the update you’ve all been waiting for. MyWi 4.0 has been released along with multiple new features. As always there is one bad thing about this, it has a $19.99 purchase price, and a $9.99 upgrade price but that’s not all.

Its only available through rock as of right now but the dev has said that they are working on a non rock version and it will be in cydia soon. If you don’t know what MyWi is, its an app that lets you create a protable wifi hotspot using your iphones internet connection. For a list of the great new featuresMyWi 4 New Features and Improvements:
⁃ Faster performance
⁃ Lower battery consumption
⁃ Choose the In Use Indicator that you want:
⁃ Status bar icon (no battery use)
⁃ Blue pulsing bar (10% – 15% more battery)
⁃ Adjust the transmit power (Between 30% and 100%)
⁃ See who is connected to your hotspot (IP addresses)
⁃ Choose from a list of subnets to dish out over DHCP
⁃ Battery consumption meter
⁃ USB Bridge mode. (Connect your laptop over USB to the phones 3G or WiFi connection!) Finally make use of all that free WiFi you iPhone/iPad gets!

Original Features:
⁃ Create a WiFi Hotspot to connect multiple laptops or mobile devices to share your iPhone’s internet connection
⁃ 40 bit and 104 bit WEP Security to prevent others from accessing your WiFi HotSpot
⁃ Ability to enable USB Tethering on your iPhone
⁃ Broadcasts the Network Name (SSID) – no need to fuss with creating an adhoc network on your laptop
⁃ Shows up and down bandwidth usage

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