Mar 022015

A new book titled “Becoming Steve Jobs” by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli will launch on March 24. The new book was not written without Jobs’ participation since Schlender worked as a journalist and covered Apple through those years.

Becoming-Steve-Jobs-bookSchlender also notes that he and Jobs had a personal relationship:

“You might wonder how such a book could be written without Jobs’s participation, but effectively, he did participate. Schlender, in his work as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and Fortune, interviewed Jobs extensively numerous times spanning 25 years. Remember the 1991 joint interview with Jobs and Bill Gates? That was Schlender. As the book makes clear, Jobs and Schlender had a very personal relationship.“

The book itself appears to go very deep into Jobs’s life, building him up both in the book and as a reflection of the man that passed away. Gruber says the book articulates Jobs in a way that people deserve to see; in a smart, accurate, and, at times, “utterly heartbreaking” way.

“The book is smart, accurate, informative, insightful, and at times, utterly heartbreaking. Schlender and Tetzeli paint a vivid picture of Jobs the man, and also clearly understand the industry in which he worked. They also got an astonishing amount of cooperation from the people who knew Jobs best: colleagues past and present from Apple and Pixar — particularly Tim Cook — and his widow, Laurene Powell Jobs.“



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