Dec 192011

Pod2g has resolved the cache troubles with the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak, according to a new progress update.
OK, figured it out, the A5 cache is not a problem anymore. I sorted it out by doing the untether in a single thread and by flushing all the dcache then all the icache in a row at a strategical point of the process. It took me like a hundred of tests to find the key. Hard for the nerves.

For the tech guys, here is a link explaining issues related to self modifying code ( or code patching ) on the ARM platform : … ying-code/

Another news : I discussed with @saurik today about the launchd boot process, and he’s found one missing piece of the puzzle I needed to have a perfectly stable jailbreak. He’s definitly one of the best iOS gurus out there. Thank you saurik!

Things are definitely progressing. We’ll let you know when we have more news Follow me via Twitter, Facebook.

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