May 092014

We have seen many iPhone mockups in the past few months and many of us want to know what a larger iPhone would feel like in our hands. Well thanks to Designer Martin Hajek you can now print a physical mock up yourself, you would of course need access to a 3D printer and you would also have to purchase Hajek’s 3D plans that include an .STL file for 3D printing as well as .3DS and .OBJ modeling files. The .STL file are compatible with wide range of machines and services, but the results may vary depending on the 3D printer type.

iphone_6_hajek_3d_print iphone-6-physical-mockup-3d

Hajek is selling the files for $25 through TurboSquid

Arthur Tilly thought the $25 price tag was too expensive and he has now created 3D plans for a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 for free.

He writes:

Here’s an OpenSCad file to create one, and the STL file it makes. There are some comments in there, so you can adjust things to your personal rumour preference. And improve it, of course. It doesn’t print the expected lump on the back for the lens (that would mean the entire build would be on supports, or it would have to be printed a different way around). Neither does it have an apple logo or some other details that would be nice.

Visit Thingiverse to download Tilly’s free 3D plans.

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