Apr 162014

During the Apple-Samsung trial we have learned many things and now we have learned that Samsung saw Steve Jobs death as the best opportunity to attack the iPhone. Samsung released the Next Big Things ad to mock Apple costumers.


Samsung’s VP of U.S. sales Mike Pennington shamefully describes in an email how he saw the death of Jobs as “the best opportunity” to run the campaign, because costumers may be worried about Apple’s future products after Steve Jobs death.

“Sorry to continue to push this issue, but I have seen this far too long and I know this is our best opportunity to attack iPhone …”

Chief marketing officer Todd Pendleton gave the go-ahead:

“Hey Michael, We are going to execute what you are recommending in our holiday [Galaxy S2] campaign and go head to head with iPhone 4S.”

Dale Sohn points out:

“one company without core competence cannot generate continuous innovation .”

To read the full email trail head over to The Wall Street Journal for the complete PDF.

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