Jul 072014

When Microsoft redesigned it’s Skype iPhone app from the ground up last month it lacked support for voice messages and when the company released version 5.1, the feature was still absent. Users could access voice messages on another platform, but simply couldn’t access the feature using their iPhones.Microsoft has now announced that Skype 5.2 brings back the voice message support to its iPhone app. This latest Skype version also brings new useful features as well.

App Store description:

• View contact profile -> to view the profile of a contact, simply tap on any contact in your people list and then select “profile” from the menu.

• Voice message support -> 5.2 now offers the ability to both send and receive voice messages.

• Add participants to existing chats -> in any 1:1 or group chat, simply tap on the menu and select “add participants”.

• Remove contacts without having to block them.

• General improvements.

You can get Skype 5.2 in the App Store now. skype2skypeskype3



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