Jul 072014

The Korean Herald has published a report regarding Apples App Store no refund policy. According to the report, the South Korean government has ordered Apple to change these policies. appstore

In addition to changing their policies, the South Korean government has also asked that Apple notify their costumers when the terms and conditions have changed.

“Following the FTC orders, the Google Play webstore will design a customer refund system based on Web developers’ refund polices. Apple’s iTunes app store will have to send a notice to users when it changes the terms in its contract. We expect the measure, aimed at protecting consumers, will have a ripple effect on similar cases throughout the world.“

In 2011 the Taiwanese government demanded that Apple implement a 7-day refund period. Once the changes were made Apple did not make the changes clear to it’s costumers causing some confusion. Apple notifying it’s costumers worldwide will help with that issue.

Apple isn’t the only company being asked to make these changes, Google has also been ordered to change their no refund policy in the Google Play Store.

If you would like to get a refund for an app you purchased, you can, but the process is extensive.




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