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StockTouch is a powerful new way to monitor and understand the stock market for casual and professional investors.

Theiphonenerd team had a chance to try out the app and give our opinion. The app has a very clean interface and easy to follow on the screen and very informative, usually when you hear about stock market the first thing that comes in mind is a bunch of numbers and symbols and some other things. Stocktouch managed to give you simplicity and professionalism  you expect to monitor your stock. I enjoyed how they are categorized and how simple it is to save to your  favorites, as you save to  your stock as favorite they pop out on the main screen, saving you the trouble to look through them all.  So the bottom line is this app will please both casual and professional investors.

For the Financial Pros

● StockTouch uses up-to-the-minute market data to create 9,800 dynamic charts, all of them available at your fingertips. You can customize your view of the market to view price or volume, and rearrange the layout to sort by market cap, winners, activity and alphabetical.

● StockTouch has a search function, offering two different ways to find any publicly-traded stock.

● You can use StockTouch to see the top 900 stocks in the U.S. market, as well as the top 900 global stocks, categorized across nine industry sectors.

● With StockTouch, you can go back in time, using the slider to see results from as far back as five years ago to as recent as five minutes ago.

● With live information, StockTouch allows you to see 1400 companies at any one time, supported by over 16,000 news articles.

● You can see the entire stock market as the day unfolds and zoom in to take a closer look at individual stocks with StockTouch.

● 9 sectors, 900 companies, 12,600 tiles of heat, 6300 charts, 10,800 news stories, all updated every 5 minutes, all at once.

● Through favorites, StockTouch allows you to keep track of the stocks that matter most to you, automatically syncing between your iPad and iPhone via iCloud.

● Future versions of StockTouch will include new visualizations, watch lists, portfolios, more analytics, international markets, and social features.

“StockTouch is an iPad/iPhone app that allows users to quickly understand in a very visual way the overall state of the stock market, and then drill down further to the individual stock level. StockTouch includes a groundbreaking interface that brings together the power of data visualization and Xignite’s financial market data.”Financial Market Data Web ServicesXIGNITE BLOG

For the Technical Mind

● StockTouch was awarded the #1 iPad Finance App by Apple’s App Store Rewind 2011.

● StockTouch’s technology platform is the first of its kind to apply a video game engine to visualize statistical data, which is combined with a proprietary compression technology that transmits information at 20x the speed of comparable apps allowing the application to deliver up-to-the-minute market trends and numbers through a visually-intuitive, game-like, iOS-native interface.

● StockTouch was designed for mobile-touch. One fluid zoomable heat map interface displays 75% of all global trading activity, enabling investors to view the equity markets contextually as they unfold.

● StockTouch is a series of color-coded heat maps that gives you the pulse and direction of the market by price, volume, in the context of the S&P 500, well as by performance within a given sector.

● StockTouch brings revolutionary data visualization to the masses so that anyone can understand the dynamics of the stock market, not just the financial elite.

● StockTouch features a groundbreaking interface that combines design, animation and high performance, bringing together the power of data visualization and financial market data.

I highly recommend StockTouch if you are even the slightest bit interested in the stock market. Those that care about the stock market for business or personal reasons would also love this app. It’s just a great tool for watching over the markets, and easily puts Apple’s own Stocks app to shame.” Christine

For the Casual Investor

● StockTouch is for everyone, not just traders– college students deciding on careers, jobseekers looking for new opportunities, salespeople calling on clients, retired people, entrepreneurs starting new businesses.

● StockTouch is a dynamic, tactile map of the market for iPad, iPhone and Mac desktop.

● StockTouch brings the market to your fingertips, and gives you a dynamic birds eye view of the stock market’s activities with a professional understanding of the stock market instantly.

● On StockTouch, shades of green indicate stocks that are gaining in value, while shades of red indicate stocks that are losing in value.

● StockTouch’s touch and zoom-based navigation makes rapidly flying through a large data set very natural and intuitive.

● StockTouch is currently available in the iTunes store as a universal app for iPad and iPhone.

“It’s an enormous force when we animate our statistics… The database hugging in public institutions is hampering innovation.” Hans Rosling

“We are in a blizzard of information – we need to be able to design ways of visualising data in a way that can make them beautiful, that can make them tell a story, that can make them more understandable.”David McCandless

Technophilia says “StockTouch is a surprisingly cheap app given the power and functionality it contains. What is it? Essentially, it’s an app that lets you know anything you could possibly want to know about the stock market at any point in time.”

“Apple Selects StockTouch as Top Finance iPad App for 2011”The Daily

StockTouch was selected by Apple as the Top iPad Finance App for 2011 via Apple’s App Store Rewind 2011!

Top Grossing App for Finance in the AppStore, October 12, 2011

You can Download the app direct from the Appstore here.

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