Apple To Release 7-Inch iPad October 2012?

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May 102012

Rumors of a 7-inch iPad mini have been around since just after the launch of the original iPad in 2010, Apple is reportedly targeting October 2012 for its release. Continue reading »

WWDC 2012 Date Announced: June 11-15

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Apr 252012

The Worldwide Developer Conference will indeed begin on June 11th, it has been confirmed by Apple itself. The conference is one of the fruit company’s main events, and in the past, has launched some of Apple’s most successful products to date. This year, as you’d expect, the main focal point will be the upcoming Mountain Lion OS for Mac, but workshops will focus on both iOS and OS X Mountain Lion, offering attendees guidance on how to enhance apps in terms of performance, quality, functionality and design. Continue reading »

New Apple TV (2012) hands-on!

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Mar 072012

It’s not that the new Apple TV wasn’t rumored, but still — announcing it here at the new iPad launch? Bold, Apple. Really bold. Looks as if Apple’s hobby is now becoming a right-hand man for the iPad, and given the increasing importance placed on AirPlay, it’s no wonder that the next Apple TV feels less like a standalone box and more like a killer $99 accessory for your iPad. We got a brief look at the new 1080p-capable set-top box here in San Francisco, and not surprisingly, it’s small. Really small. In fact, it’s just as tiny as the prior Apple TV. It’s hard to glean much about the functionality given the limited setup we’re seeing here, but suffice it to say, to-be iPad buyers are apt to become the largest sect of Apple TV buyers if the two are marketed together correctly. Continue reading »

Report: Apple To Launch New iPhone In Fall, From 2012 And Onwards

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Feb 212012

June 2007 will always go down as a momentous month in smartphone history due to the fact it marked the launch of the original Apple iPhone which set about a total change in the mobile industry. The following year saw the launch of the iPhone 3G pushed back a month until July with the next two releases of the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 both following the original launch date, and coming in the month of June.


When June 2011 was approaching, the world held its breath in anticipation of the next generation device being launched to follow the same traditional pattern which Apple had set with previous product launches. Unfortunately, that announcement didn’t come and it wasn’t until October of last year that we were eventually introduced to the iPhone 4S which is the current production iPhone.

With the iPhone 4S now being over four months old, speculation is beginning to stir as to whether Apple will fall back in line with their previous release dates and introduce the iPhone 5 in June of this year or wait until the 4S is actually an year old before expecting consumers shell out for a new device.

It would seem unlikely that the company would launch a new iPhone after the 4S had only been on the market for eight months and that theory is shared by Japanese media outlet Macotakara who are reporting that according to a reliable source, the October Fall launch in 2011 will become the norm with the next generation device launching in fall of 2012. So if the iPhone 5 will launch in either September or October of this year, just what can consumers expect to see bundled into the specification?

Reports from iMore are predicting that the next generation iPhone will come with LTE connectivity built in, something which might not be a huge benefit to a lot of users considering the slow world wide adoption of the technology. The release of the iPad 3, which experts expect to be announced next month, will likely be the first Apple device to feature LTE and will pave the way for inclusion in the iPhone 5.

The theory behind the launch date change isn’t known and we are guessing that only Apple will ever know why the date was pushed back to October of last year instead of keeping in line with the traditional mid-year launch dates. The later launch didn’t seem to have any negative effects on the company financials however, with Apple turning in record Q4 2011 results and selling a record breaking 37 million iPhone units during the quarter. It could make sense to speculate that the later launch date is something to do with an attempt to capitalize on the holiday season shopping panic, with purchasers this year set to be treated to a device which sports a totally changed design with a marginally larger display.

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Apple To Launch 15-inch MacBook Air March 2012

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Nov 152011

There can be little argument that Apple’s MacBook Air line of ultra-thin, ultra-portable notebooks has been a success. Despite initial skepticism when the first 13″ model launched with slow hardware and super small hard disks, the last two iterations have offered a much more robust machine.

Add the new 11″ model to the equation, and Apple has taken the netbook market it crushed with the iPad, and reinvented it. Most agree that the 11″ MacBook Air is the perfect machine for any road warrior, and the fact that this post is being written on one, sat in the driving seat of a car, should go some way to proving that pretty conclusively. Don’t worry, we’re stationary!

Continue reading »

Isis NFC based payment system gets its first market in Salt Lake City, Utah, launch in 2012

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Apr 062011

Like 3D on high-end HDTVs, NFC-based payment systems seem set to invade our mobile lives whether we like them or not. Isis, a collaborative venture between AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and a bunch of banking big timers, has today announced the first market for its rollout of a contactless payment scheme, and it’s none other than Salt Lake City, Utah. That’ll surely raise eyebrows in locales that may consider themselves more tech-savvy, but we reckon starting off with a city of a smaller scale might be good for getting this “mobile wallet” system off the ground. And then there’s the added benefit of Isis snagging a deal to enable compatibility with the entire Utah Transit Authority footprint. If all plans are executed properly, that should mean that by summer 2012 the good people of SLC will be able to NFC their way around town with just their smartphone in hand, while also swiping it through checkouts like some form of highly advanced techno-humans.

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