KIRFy iPad adapter adds HDMI output

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Oct 162010

You know that iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter that you wasted money on? Yeah, turns out there’s probably a superior alternative available in the wilds of China… well, aside from the fact that it probably lacks an internal authentication chip needed to play back most protected content. Noosy’s iPad HDMI output adapter is fairly simple in design — it plugs into the 30-pin Dock Connector that’s on modern iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, and then allows 720p content to flow directly over HDMI. We’re guessing there’s just a VGA-to-HDMI converter wrapped inside a familiar package, but we definitely like where this is headed. There’s nary a word on how much this will cost you (or what street corner you need to visit in order to find one), but here’s hoping the engineers in Cupertino are paying attention to what consumers are really after.

iPad Camera Kit ships with USB headset and keyboard support

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Apr 252010


Reports are coming in that the iPad Camera Connection Kit has finally shown up on a couple buyer doorsteps, and that the pair of white dongles may actually have been worth the wait. While one is a simple SD card adapter that adds one-touch image and video import (including RAW, complete with EXIF data) to the iPad, the second provides a USB port with some exciting new functionality.

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