iPhone 5 Will Be Available On Sprint And Others This October?

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Aug 242011

Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint, the third largest carrier in the U.S. will offer Apple’s iPhone 5 when it is launched later this year.

Wall Street Journal claims that according to their sources, Apple will launch iPhone 5 in mid-October and not early October as some reports had indicated.

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DollyCam App Stabilizes Your iPhone Video Recordings experience

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Aug 062011


DollyCam is an app for the iPhone and iPad that records videos then stabilizes them to remove camera shake.
DollyCam also corrects wobble caused by the camera’s rolling shutter. The resulting videos are much smoother than the original recordings and are more pleasant to watch.

When stabilizing a video black borders might appear. DollyCam solves this problem using two different techniques:
– Zooming: DollyCam chooses a suitable zoom level depending on how your device was moved during recording
– Extrapolation: DollyCam extrapolates each frame of the video to fill the black borders
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iPhone 4 Takes Photos With Fish Eye Lens Olloclip [video]

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Jul 142011

The age of lugging around a pricey DSLR kit just to capture casual fisheye, wide-angle and macro photos may be nearing its end — for some of us, at least. Designed by a startup duo in California, the Olloclip was the first project featured in our Insert Coin series, and we were thrilled to learn not only that it was successfully funded, but that the device is ready to ship to both early supporters and new customers just two months later. The accessory brings the functionality of all three lenses to the iPhone 4, and it does so well enough to warrant leaving your pro kit at home on occasion — assuming, of course, that your photographs aren’t responsible for putting food on the table.

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Third Rail iPhone case has detachable battery

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May 122011

For humans, coming into contact with the third rail will likely void your personal lifetime warranty, but one accessory manufacturer hopes to apply a similar concept to your iPhone — in much smaller doses, of course. For $90, the Third Rail System includes an iPhone 4 Slim Case, which always surrounds your device, and a 1250 mAh Smart Battery that you can slide into place whenever you need a boost. The removable batteries can charge other devices over micro USB, and can be stacked up to four deep for charging multiple gadgets at once (at $60 a pop). It’s also designed to be compatible with future cases, negating the need to purchase another complete solution each time you upgrade your phone. We’d love to see a similar device that includes inductive charging as well, but for now, this is one of the most intuitive external battery solutions we’ve seen.

source Third Rail Mobility

Just got an iPhone? The best tips, Apps, and accessories

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Dec 282010

Someone must really like you — otherwise, how did you end up with an iPhone this holiday season? Yeah, we know, iPads don’t really fit into stockings. Besides, your parent or significant other got you an arguably better gift in the cheaper (with two-year contract, of course), more compact, and more recently updated iPhone 4. We’ve given you some app suggestions before when the device first launched, but that was six months ago, and in technology time, that’s like seven years. Want a run-down of the best apps, our favorite accessories, and the essential tips and tricks? Just follow along after the break! Continue reading »

iPhone 4 launches in UAE and Qatar, without FaceTime feature

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Sep 272010

The iPhone 4 launched this weekend in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, but buyers wound up with a surprise — their handset’s front-facing cameras couldn’t do FaceTime. The National reports that the video chat feature is missing from phones sold at UAE carriers Etisalat and du, as well as those from Vodafone Qatar. Carriers are blaming Apple for the missing feature, and spokespersons from both Etisalat and Vodafone say they’re speaking to Cupertino about reinstating FaceTime post-haste; It was reportedly advertised on Middle Eastern versions of Apple’s iPhone website until around September 20th, when all references to FaceTime were removed. TUAW reports that some UAE denizens have actually tested FaceTime on phones bought abroad and found it working just fine, but that the functionality disappears after installing the local version of the iOS 4.1 update.

RIM’s Mike Lazaridis famously warned that countries threatening to ban the BlackBerry might thumb their nose at other forms of internet transmission too, but if’s far too early to tell if Apple was pressured into removing FaceTime or chose to for another reason entirely. It’s worth noting that both the UAE and Egypt (also missing FaceTime website ads) have banned certain VoIP services in the past.

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Jul 172010

It’s not surprising that after Apple finished explaining the iPhone 4 antenna issues to the press today, the company wanted to go one step further and say “yes, actually, we do test the hell out of these phones before we release them to the public.” Though Steve Jobs went over the lengthy and intensive kinds of radio evaluation that goes on at Apple’s headquarters, it didn’t seem to be enough for the folks in Cupertino. And that, we suspect, is why we were invited (along with a small group of other journalists) to take a brief tour of Apple’s Infinite Loop labs. Though we weren’t allowed to shoot video or take pictures, we can tell you about what we did — and what we didn’t — see and hear behind closed doors. Continue reading »

Colorware douses iPhone 4 With Any Color You Want

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Jul 132010

Given just how much that white iPhone 4 bumper is about to cost you on eBay, it seems as if a Colorware’d alternative has never been a better bargain. The master of gadget coloration is back once more, this time promising to dress Apple’s latest problem child up with just about any combination of hues that you choose. Continue reading »

iPhone 4 vs. Galaxy S Screen Resolution

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Jun 262010

We just couldn’t leave this face-off of superscreens alone, and went back for another bite at the cherry. Admittedly, we found out the Galaxy S had a browser-specific brightness setting that we hadn’t maxed out before setting off our camera hounds, so we’ve gone and remedied earlier comparison shots with the gallery below. Continue reading »

Is This The New iPhone 4G ?

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Apr 182010

Is this the iPhone 4G (or iPhone HD)? There’s no way to tell for sure, but these photos which made their way into our hands certainly do a convincing job of making us think that’s very much the case. Apparently the phone was found on the floor of a San Jose bar inside of an iPhone 3G case. Right now we don’t have a ton of info on the device in question, but we can tell you that it apparently has a front facing camera (!), 80GB of storage (weird, right?), and isn’t booting at this point (though it was previously, and running an OS that was decidedly new). It’s not clear if this is definitely a production model, or just a prototype that found its way into the world, but it’s certainly a compelling design, no matter how you look at it.

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